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FC Dallas coach Fabian Bazan suspended

Coach hit with five-game suspension

If you’ve ever watched an FC Dallas match and kept an eye on the sideline, you’d no doubt have seen Dallas Strength and Conditional Coach, Fabian Bazan. Bazan is full of energy, passion and his theatrics serve both as motivation for the players and theater for the fans.

Tonight, the league announced that Fabian Bazan has been suspended for five games and has also received a fine (terms undisclosed) for “repeatedly violating the MLS Bench Behavior Policy”. Bazan has been known to be tossed from games from time to time as his fiery passion has crossed the line for a few officials.

Bazan’s suspension will start tomorrow when Dallas kicks off against Real Salt Lake and go through until July 1.

Bazan has been credited for getting this team’s hamstrings healthy and strong, after it appeared that players would suffer a lengthy hamstring injury every single season. He’s also the mastermind behind getting Walker Zimmerman and Mauro Diaz through 2016 without any significant injury (barring that torn Achilles).

Should be interesting to see how Dallas will respond and who will take control of the warm ups for FCD.