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FC Dallas vs Tulsa Roughnecks: Box score and quote sheet

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FC Dallas survived and advanced on Wednesday night.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Tulsa Roughnecks FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas survived a big scare from USL side Tulsa Roughnecks FC on Wednesday night in their 2-1 win in the Fourth Round of the US Open Cup. Here is what everyone had to say about the victory and advancing in the tournament.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the match…

Sometimes we cannot imagine how difficult these games will become. That is what I tried to impress upon the players beforehand. We find [the U.S. Open Cup] is a good opportunity to try new ideas and rotate players. You expect to see some disconnection with all the changes, but they adapted well. They tried to figure it out against a team that is familiar with one another.

On the Tulsa Roughnecks…

[Tulsa] adapted also and made it difficult for us. The last 25 minutes, our team was able to go one step higher. We started creating a lot of chances. Tulsa was a very good team. I respect the job they are doing there. They played very well. Today, for us, it was very difficult to find the victory. We kept going, but more importantly, we gave a lot of minutes to guys who deserved time.

On the play of Mauro Diaz

Mauro was growing as they game went on. That was great to see. I was waiting for him to start dropping his level but instead, he started growing. That gave me a lot of satisfaction. That was the purpose. We were worried about the match going into extra time because we did not want him to play 120 minutes. Fortunately, we found a way to score. They deserved it. We are content with the result.

On the young players…

I was very pleased with the youngsters – Coy Craft and Paxton Pomykal, Reggie Cannon and Walker Hume. They had an incredible game. They’re competing each day. They give us a lot of hope for what is coming next. I am happy to provide them minutes.

FC Dallas midfielder Ryan Hollingshead

What was that feeling like getting the last minute win?

It felt good. First 90 minutes in seven months. It felt good to be out there. I need games like that to get my fitness back so it’s just the start of hopefully a long stretch for me.

What are your thoughts on the younger guys getting a chance to start?

This is a venue to do that. You get to play the younger guys against a USL team and they’re good. They’re young in age but their maturity and experience in the game is unbelievable. We, as a team, don’t feel like we’re dropping in level of play and we as a team feel like these guys have a ton to offer.

How do you make sure your body is ready for a quick turnaround on a difficult surface this weekend?

It’s a quick turnaround and that’s just the nature of this league. We’re going to be getting treatment tomorrow and making sure everyone is ready to go for Vancouver. It’s all about being a professional and taking care of your body.

How important is it to go to Vancouver and have a solid showing?

Having a full squad back is huge so we need to take advantage of these times that we have a full team. We need to get three points. Ultimately we feel like we’re the best team in the league and we can beat any team we play against.

FC Dallas midfielder Mauro Diaz

Thoughts about the game…

Personally, very tired. The heat didn’t help. It was really hot today. But we had to be prepared for a good game and ultimately we were able to win.

On playing a full match…

In terms of playing 90 minutes, I knew that it was going to cost me and it was going to be difficult. The first half was harder than the second half. I was able to find my footing and the ball a little better in the second half.