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FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers: Game Grades

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It was a flat performance by FC Dallas on Saturday, with nobody positively standing themselves apart from the rest of the team.

MLS: FC Dallas at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas had a tough task on Saturday. They had to go on the road against one of the top teams in MLS. That in itself is a hard game to get any points out of, but it was made much worse by the injuries and national team absences. Walker Hume and Aaron Guillen were given tough jobs on Saturday against a stacked Portland Timbers offense, and they did well. Many thought that the defense would be the problem in this game, but it was actually the offense that disappointed in this performance.

Also, Ryan Hollingshead and Mauro Diaz got a few more minutes than their previous games, so that is a positive to get out of this match.

Jesse Gonzalez: A-

Jesse had some really great saves, especially on long-distance Portland shots. The first Portland goal was a strange one, but Fanendo Adi was able to poke it past Jesse Gonzalez. The second goal was unfortunate for the Dallas keeper. If Adi had shot first time like would be expected of a forward in that situation, Jesse might have made an incredible save, but unfortunately for him, Adi kept cool and read Jesse Gonzalez' early dive, and took a touch before tapping the ball into the empty net.

Aaron Guillen: A-

He's looked great these past two games. Guillen doesn't contribute much at all into the attack, but defensively he has been sound. His aerial presence was the best part of his game on Saturday, with several 50-50 balls going the homegrown player's way.

Atiba Harris: B+

Atiba Harris' adjustment to center back has gone pretty well. He wasn't anything like Hedges or Zimmerman, but Portland had trouble breaking him down. He had a really nice clearance while Adi was in the box and about to get a shot off.

Walker Hume: B+

The second Portland goal was at the fault of the rookie center back, but Portland was pressuring all game and Hume held his own the rest of the match.

Hernán Grana: B-

Grana looked shaky, especially in the first half. He looked a little lost on the field. With some new faces in the starting lineup at the back, one might have expected Grana to stay back a little more and help out by being a leader defensively. Grana had been fairly consistent before this game, however, and this might have just been an off-night.

Carlos Gruezo: B-

Gruezo's passing was way off in this match, although a lot of that may have had to do with his teammates' lack of movement off the ball in this match.

Victor Ulloa: B+

Ulloa made a lot of defensive blocks, and his distribution was decent, too.

Roland Lamah: B

He got into two really good positions in the first half, but was unable to capitalize on either chance. A beautiful play by Dallas set up Lamah by himself on the doorstep of the Portland goal off a cross by Barrios, but a great save by Gleeson took care of a weak shot by Lamah. A few minutes later, a ball over the top from the midfield would spring Lamah past the Portland back line, but a poor first touch squandered the opportunity.

Michael Barrios: B

Barrios tried, but was not able to be a consistent threat to the Portland defense. He almost got an assist, but other than that play, Portland dealt well with Michael Barrios.

Tesho Akindele: A-

Tesho was the only attacker who looked on point. His best contribution was a chipped pass through to Lamah. Lamah should have done more with it, but unfortunately had a bad first touch. Tesho's pressure helped Dallas win the ball back a couple times.

Maxi Urruti: B

Urruti did his job defensively, but offensively, there was nothing. Nothing he did was horrible, but he definitely wasn’t at his sharpest.

Oscar Pareja: A-

FC Dallas was in a tough spot with injuries and call-ups. Pareja really didn't have many lineup choices he could make.


Cristian Colmán: C-

Colmán really needs to find a way to start scoring soon. His confidence is way down. He just can't finish any of the chances given to him right now. He was able to score against Pachuca but can't find the back of the net in MLS play.

Mauro Diaz: B+

The game changed when he got on the field. Diaz' movement and quick passes helped FCD get a little deeper into Portland's defensive shape. Diaz also really should have had an assist to Colmán, who whiffed a point blank opportunity.

Ryan Hollingshead: N/A

Hollingshead wasn't on the field for long, and the game was basically over when he saw playing time. He pushed into the attack in his limited minutes, though, and looked good.

This was a frustrating loss, but you’ve got to consider the circumstances. The defense held their own, but the offense is what is the most worrying. Mauro Diaz might help as he gets healthier, though.