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Quick Burns: Is it time to hit the panic button?

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No wins in the last four games. Injuries. Call ups. A lot is going wrong for FCD at the moment.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A nine game unbeaten run to start the season was pretty fun to watch FC Dallas accomplish. But over the course of the last couple weeks, FC Dallas has dropped points at home in games against New York City FC and to their rivals Houston. Not to mention the unbeaten run was upended at home by San Jose and the team followed that up with a loss to Chicago.

So is it time to panic about how the team is performing? Our staff discusses that here today:

Jason Poon - Permission to Freak the Hell Out

I kid.

No. It’s time to play the kids and give them their chance to prove to Oscar that they deserved the contract. Give Walker Hume, Aaron Guillen and Reggie Cannon their looks. Every player just asks for a chance to prove their worth. Now’s the time.

Also, this team’s stated objectives was CCL and MLS Cup. Losing a few points in June doesn’t negate your Cup chances. Remain calm and stay the course.

Ben Lyon - Everything is Plaid Dandy

The results early in the year were probably better than they should have been and, over the course of the last month, they’ve been worse. The level of play hasn’t eroded so much as the rest of the teams in the league caught up form wise, and the shots stopped going in. Mauro coming back will provide a boost, and FCD will embark on their customary torrid summer streak. Sit tight for a couple of weeks- it’ll all be cool, little Fonzies.

Ryan Scanlon - Still Best In The West

We are still best in the west in terms of PPG, and we have only had 10 minutes of Mauro. It’s a little worrisome that we might be without our 2 solid CBs for a few weeks, but Mauro is coming back and his ability to elevate the entire team to a whole new level when he plays will be on display.

Bottom line is, Mauro is our Gandalf, and he’s on the horizon. The Uruk-Hai will be driven back, and when we get ZimZam and Hedges back....look out MLS.

Nathan Hill - I don’t know!

My problem with the question is that I don't want to answer it right now. I don’t want to commit myself to be an optimist or pessimist. (Haha!) We could totally look back near the end of the season and point to these past 4-5 games as indicative of the problems this squad ended up struggling with that prevented them from taking that next step. Seattle or Portland or New York fans might do the same thing, where you definitely have some exciting pieces on the roster but things don’t quite click. Or, we could look back at these past few games as one of those May blips that this franchise always has and overcomes through the summer stretch. Especially with Mauro Diaz on his way back into the lineup. So, don’t pressure me, alright?

Jeff Loftin - Panic is for Quitters

Of course it is not time to panic. The season is young, we are not to the summer portion yet, and we are just now getting Mauro back. He is in no way back to form yet, and that should be something we look forward to seeing. When our midfield maestro is able to control things for us and push us forward more cohesively - which we all know has not been happening - then we can determine if we should panic or not. Once we have everyone healthy, and if we are still sitting in third or fourth in the West come mid July, then we can start to panic. Until then I think we should stay calm and enjoy the ride. We have not played well in about a month, in my opinion at least, and we still have the best PPG in the West and are not allowing many goals. If we can start to score - looking at Colman here - then I feel much better about us heading into the fall.

Drew Epperley - Maybe, maybe not

If you had told me that after 12 games this season that the club would only have two losses and Mauro Diaz was already back, I would have laughed pretty hard. I think overall the team is in a good position to withstand this tough stretch. If anything, this gives Oscar Pareja a chance to offer guys like Walker Hume, Atiba Harris Aaron Guillen and hopefully Reggie Cannon a chance to shine in the back. I think the offense will come around eventually with Cristian Colman finally producing once he gets some of that special sauce that Diaz serves up. Again, this is a marathon, not a sprint. So as long as they are in prime position to get into the post season and get to a MLS Cup, I doubt many of us will remember this stretch.

El Chico Carmona - Don't know what you're talking about.

A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and a couple of weeks ago, you knew FC Dallas was the best team in MLS.

All right, reader, there was no May swoon. The last couple of games were meaningless matches that Papi used for training purposes, and to get his reserves game time experience.

Now, when you wake up, FC Dallas will still be the best team in the MLS, they will still be the youngest and deepest team in MLS, and you'll be excited for all the International call ups, and the return of Mauro Diaz.

On a more personal note, you will feel an urge to become more involved with the FCD online community. Making fanposts, responding to articles, and visiting our Facebook page.

Scott Hiney - I’m Giving FC Dallas Fans an Ultimatum

Absolutely not. Yes, it is a bad stretch of games for any team, let alone for one the caliber of FC Dallas. But, prior to losing twice and being shutout at home, this team went unbeaten in the season’s first nine games, averaging 2.1 points per game. Now, that number is 1.67, which is still the best mark in the west with two games in hand on conference leaders Houston.

So, no — it is not time to freak out.

What it is time for is an ultimatum: Fans should decide to either complain in the midst of a four-game winless spell that the season is lost OR when the team is ‘under-performing,’ only beating bad teams like Minnesota by two goals, instead of four. They don’t get to complain about both.

SO: Fans, if you complain right now, that’s fine — to each their own — but, if the season’s trajectory turns upward again and the team once again competes for the Shield, you can’t complain about less-significant shortcomings then — you’ve already played that card.

These are the rules.