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So what is going on with Anibal Chala?

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The Young DP has yet to see the playing field this season.

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The headline is an honest question. I know many of you have been wondering the same since FC Dallas’ newest Designated Player went on the disabled list back around the beginning of the year thanks to a sports hernia surgery.

Anibal Chala returned from that injury while the club was in Mexico, preparing for the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals against Pachuca. He then made the bench twice following that trip but has been noticeably absent ever since then.

Big D Soccer reached out to the FC Dallas communications team today to get to the bottom of this after noticing that the last two game notes sent out by MLS, along with the club’s roster page on the league website, still had Chala listed on the Disabled List.

It turns out, Chala has been nursing an abdominal strain these last couple of weeks. The timeline is unclear for his return as he will be expected to be listed as questionable this week when the updated injury report is released before the New York City FC game.

So is this a cause for concern? Nearly three months in and all we have to show for out of this DP is that brief time in Mexico and two bench appearances. Yeah, I would be a bit concerned if not just a bit frustrated but not at the club, just at the situation for Chala.