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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

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All the facts from FCD’s latest win.

FC Dallas picked up a big 3-0 win on Saturday at Real Salt Lake.

Head Coach Oscar Pareja

On the game tonight:

I thought we had a very important game tonight to come in here in Rio Tinto and to get three points is priceless. First of all I want to congratulate all that the boys have done today during the game. Getting the job done and the win that was important. The way that we did, I thought, makes us a success. In the first half we didn’t have too many options but we were efficient in the way we started the half. When we lead in the game, Salt Lake around 22 minutes in the first half started getting some options and we had space in behind of our midfielders and that started to complicate things. In the second half we tried to adjust that clog in the middle. Attackers came in the game and helped us and gave us a hand there. We controlled the middle and started to get options. That way, I have to say, was a very tactical game for us. The boys knew how to win it and we were rewarded with the points and the goals.

On Urruti’s Performance:

“With Maxi I think it is about confidence that he is getting, and his health and understanding that he is a guy that is creating a lot of chances. We worked in the week with him especially mentally, making him understand that he can score every game if he has that confidences. He creates options, the team creates options for him, so for me just seeing Maxi getting those goals is great. Knowing that defensively he just keeps battling and being our best defender from the first play. And that is why he is a complete player.”

On FC Dallas this year vs. last year:

We always hoped that the team evolves, and we always hope every year we can add things. As coaches we always see different way to different holes and different ways to get better. But I think, obviously, the team is being better, and more mature. The anxiousness, that sometimes was a part of the team last year, I think we are getting overcome with that. And I can see the boys are taking the game more and more smart. And that is important.”

On the team’s evolution:

One of the priorities we have this year is to get defensively stronger. We understand that FC Dallas in the last three years, since we started this program, offensively we have been very aggressive we have very good numbers going forward. This team naturally is good forward, but we want to be strong defensively and getting more games when we have our 1-0 and that has given the boys confidence. It is important to keep the balance but when you go on the road and you score 3 goals and no conceded there is nothing more that you can ask for.”

On the decision not to play Javier Morales:

You know what it was in our plans, not just because I wanted to make an emotional moment for Javi. I want to bring him into the game because the only reason is he is going to help us. And that is the way I respect Javi, we all respect Javi. He gets in the field for a purpose and he understands that, he is a very mature player. At the end, and even in the 1st half that he could come and help us just to handle the ball better, it was different circumstances in the game where we wanted him in the field but we just chose to go with another player. Javi has just given us that, and I know everybody was waiting for Javi to come into the field. We were aiming to bring him in as well and not for the reason to bring him in so late but just that he can help us like he always does.”

Defender Matt Hedges

On the importance of having a strong start:

“I think we needed a strong start in this game, because we had a few slow ones in the last couple games, you know getting the penalty in the first couple of minutes was good for us and we took the lead. We had a poor first half. We didn’t have much of the ball, we gave it away a lot. It was good to have that lead going into half time though and getting our confidence up in the second half and everybody start pushing and we could get some counter attacks.”

On keeping the clean sheet:

“I was looking for the clean sheet when we go on the road, especially, because like stoppage goals on road, so that’s our mission when we go on the road, to get that clean sheet and we’re happy with it. We gave up too many shots I think, but other than that good.”

On getting the second goal:

“We needed to get that second one, I mean it was a little bit later than we had hoped, but it was good to relieve that pressure, because we could kind of sit back a little more and then try to counter and we had a few good chances after that. Me and Coleman had another breakaway and Maxi had his goal, so I think that helped us a lot.”

Midfielder Javier Morales

On his experience coming back to Salt Lake:

“That was nice especially because I saw a lot of friends out in the stadium, on the field, off the field, so the fans that was great, but I didn’t have the opportunity to play, so a little sad for that.”

On needing to go for the 3 points:

“I don’t know that was the plan, but you know like I said, this could be my last game at Rio Tinto, so maybe I could have the opportunity to play, but the coach decided not to play me and I understand this is for the team and not the player and I had to move on.”

On seeing old teammates again:

“It was nice to see them Bofo, Kyle, Plata, everyone. I have good relationship with all the guys. Like I said, I’m happy to come here and to play against them, but I didn’t play, but I was happy to see them.”

On his emotions being here again:

When I went out for the first time for the warm up, that was a little tough. A lot of people there and that was nice. I knew before that it could be emotional, and it was.”

On the pregame where he was presented with a jersey:

“Yeah they gave me a jersey, the pictures. It’s difficult, because you’re thinking about the game. You’re warming up for the game and then for like a minute or two you have to see that, but it was nice and from the owner you know that was nice, and my old friends like Kyle, Nick and Tony was there. I was so happy, because Kyle, Tony and Nick was there.”

Forward Maximiliano Urruti

On his performance getting 3 points for the team:

“It was important, because I consider 3 points very important, and I was able to convert and a great group that sadly wasn’t able to find the ball, but we did a great job.”

On getting a road win after two straight draws:

“We knew we needed another 3 points to be up there on top and truthfully for me to convert is good and it gets me energy to continue and the team helps me out a lot."

On the confidence builder by being able to score goals:

“Yeah a lot of confidence. I believe it’s was really important to be able to convert as a forward and to be in the game and get more confidence… The first one, then the second one in order to get the 3 important points, it has to be done in this way.”