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View from the East Stand: Mauro’s Return

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Why did we have to inherit the visitors?

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was absolutely gorgeous weather on Sunday night as the vehemently disliked Houston Dynamo came for their first visit of the season. Unfortunately, with a local rival comes a fair amount of traveling support and the orange people came out to cheer their team on. This game had the return of someone special, and I miss getting Cane’s!

Why our side?

C’mon, the west side had been absorbing the visiting fans for a while. From sticking them near the construction zone, to putting them at the top of section 110, they’ve been good there. This time they were put up to the immediate left of the Beer Garden at the top rows. Thankfully they weren’t that noisy from where I was sitting (closer to El Matador), but neither team really gave the crowd in attendance too much to root for.

The Beer Garden had a really cool tifo of Spy vs Spy up before the game began. The person with the best view of that tifo was our resident construction worker who decided to attend the match despite our loss last home game. The crowd cheered loud when he retrieved a wayward ball (fairly certain is was a Lamah shot). They didn’t cheer as loud as they did when our magical unicorn came on to the field though.


Oh man, the hype started when Mauro Diaz was warming up on the sidelines. Didn’t think he was going to be subbed in. Then across the field the crowd started cheering near the subs bench as Mauro ran across them. It was happening! It seemed like word was spreading like wildfire of what was going on as the cheer started getting louder and louder across the stadium. Then the number 10 went up in green lights and the stadium erupted in a sustained roar as Diaz stepped back on to the field. It was an incredible reception that I haven’t seen another FC Dallas player get in a long long time.

My fan quote of the night: “That’s what we paid for! Money well spent right there.” - An angry Dad after Colman weakly shoots right to Tyler Deric. I’m not too happy with Colman either, but might as well keep playing him.

Did you think Mauro Diaz would be subbed on this game? Who else went absolutely mental when they saw the number 10 go up in green lights? Did you hear the Houston fans at all from where you were sitting? Let me know in the comments below!