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Quick Burns: What area does FC Dallas need to focus on in the next transfer window?

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With the transfer window closing in MLS next week, what will be the focus later this summer for Fernando Clavijo?

MLS: Pachuca at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Primary Transfer Window closes on May 8, which means, Fernando Clavijo only has a few more days to add one more player to the FC Dallas roster.

Well sort of. Most of us figure Clavijo is more actively working towards the next transfer window that will open up later this summer for MLS teams in July. So it got our team thinking, what area does Clavijo need to focus his efforts on for the summer window?

Jared Tilley - GK, CB

The biggest needs for me is going to be a third GK, preferably a younger than Jesse who can grow under the two on the roster right now. This might not need to be a transfer as much as someone from the academy but we really do need a 3rd keeper.

The only other need I can see this team needing, that would be pressing, would be a quality CB to play behind Walker and Matt. I am worried that Walker will get sold midseason and we will be out of luck back there. I assume Walker Hume has something, but I’m just not confident that he is ready to play right now. I have nightmares that Walker leaves over the summer and our MLS cup hopes go with him.

Jason Poon - CB

Right now, FC Dallas only has rookie Walker Hume and Aaron Guillen as backups. They’ll get their chances during the Open Cup to show Oscar Pareja that they can do the job, but I still think this club could use a Stephen Keel or a Norberto Paparatto type player: someone with experience and can do the job in a pinch. Hume and Guillen are just too unknown at this level at this moment.

Jack Rouse - Save it

Paxton Pomykal is scoring for the USMNT U18s, Jesus Ferreira just lead FC Dallas to a historic Dallas Cup victory, and Dallas are currently unbeaten without their best player and the heartbeat of their attack, Mauro Diaz. This doesn’t sound like a team that needs reinforcements. Don’t mess with the team chemistry and look to the kids if a starter isn’t performing well, that’s what they’re there for. A struggling Roland Lamah or Javier Morales should mean more minutes for Pax, not for some aging mercenary that FCD could sign.

Etan Cohn - LM, CB

I understand the possible need of a third string goalkeeper, but it shouldn't be the "focus" of the transfer window. Neither Jesse Gonzalez or Chris Seitz is likely to be called up to their respected national teams, and I think FC Dallas could live through the season with only two and could pick another keeper in next year's draft.

Left mid is a weird situation. I'm not convinced with Lamah there, and it seems he is better on the right side anyways. I'd like to see Pomykal get minutes there, but he may not be ready to be a full starter yet. Left midfield is an area I'd really like to see a boost in.

Center back is another area that may need strengthening. Hume and Guillen are good options, but Zimmerman and/or Hedges could be called in to the USMNT, and FCD could use an experienced CB for depth.