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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ draw against Houston.

FC Dallas failed to get on the scoresheet Sunday night in their 0-0 draw with the Houston Dynamo.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

On the play of goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez

He made a couple of great saves that gave us the confidence we needed to keep pushing people forward in search of a goal. Houston’s goalkeeper as well [Tyler Deric], had an amazing night. We have to give him credit. He had a huge impact on tonight’s result. It is healthy for the group, when your goalkeeper is the man of the match.

On not finding the back of the net again at home…

That we could not score, after having that many chances… We need to polish our finishing because it has happened in the last three games at home but we continue to work. The boys give a terrific effort. I am proud of this group. I am confident we are going to find the net again and we’ll start to get our points here at home.

On Cristian Colman and Roland Lamah

Obviously there is a concern for the coach when you’re not seeing what you want. We planned the game knowing the group would create a lot of chances. Having that volume with people up front like Maxi [Urruti], Cristian, Roland, Mikey [Barrios] and Kellyn [Acosta] – creating, we did well. Is it a concern? Yes, of course, of course you want to score goals. This great game is about scoring goals but I have confidence in this group. They work a lot and they’re still young. Cristian is adapting to the league and I keep waiting for him to adapt to the league. The same goes for Roland. They came here to help us score.

On bringing back Mauro Diaz

I am happy to see him. He lifted our spirits. To see him back out on the field will be a great memory for me. Every player and all the coaches were hoping something marvelous would happen, but we were so delighted to see him back in the field. I’ll take that tonight. It just lifts my heart to see him dressing and have him around the team again… and to have him back on the ball, is great.

He has been [the answer] for us the past three years. Saying that, I don’t want to ignore what the others have done for us – the guys that are stepping in for him, the guys who have been part of this project for the past four months without him, including the playoffs last year if you want. This team has been fighting to be one of the top teams in the league so far this season without him and that is a great achievement, but how good is it to see him on the field? The love that we have for him and the way he plays… It’s amazing. I was delighted to see him on the ball again today.

On not getting three points at home recently…

I know. It is painful. We’re normally strong at home. You see how the points are going away in front of our fans and it hurts. Now, in a game like tonight, when we have 17 options to score, eight of which were very clear, I cannot question the team. They did a great job of creating. I assume the responsibility of not getting those points. The game is going to reward them. They’re a group that works intensely all of the time.

FC Dallas midfielder Mauro Diaz

On coming back and playing…

To come back to the field after seven months of being out is bittersweet because we were looking for a win and we didn’t get it. But, I think after everything, we got a point. I’m very happy because nobody likes to be out of the field for so long. So it’s time to look forward. This is a happy moment for me. I’m going to continue to grow from here.

On tonight’s match…

A difficult match, I think we deserved more. We had chances to score, but we couldn’t get anything into the net. We have to continue working, so we can open more doors for this club.

On drawing after losing two games…

Here and there, this last match, we’re not getting the points we want. The season is long and it’s barely starting. So, it’s better to get these results now and not later on when it’ll be a decisive point.

FC Dallas midfielder Kellyn Acosta

On four games at home without a win…

It’s part of the game. We’re lacking that final touch, that final thought in the final third. We aren’t as dangerous as usually are. We just need to reevaluate ourselves. Each of us needs to take it one gear up. I know it’s just a phase right now. We’re going bounce back. The goals are going come, the wins are going to come but we just need to be patient and keep moving forward.

On the national team call-up…

I’m happy to get called up. It’s a great opportunity. Hopefully I can play in the first friendly against Venezuela and hopefully play in the qualifier. So we’ll see how it goes. I have a big couple weeks of training and hopefully I do enough to allow Bruce [Arena] to give me a spot in the midfield.

On fatigue potentially playing factor now…

Each game is a little bit different. I don’t think it is fatigue. This is one of our fittest years. A lot of credit goes to [strength and conditioning coach Fabian] Bazan, who’s getting us mentally ready and physically ready. We’re just lacking ideas in the final third. Defensively, we’ve been pretty sound. We got a shutout tonight but just the final third, we need to have better thoughts, better communication, better runs off the ball and be more clinical in front of the goal. It’s definitely coming. We’re just in a rough patch but I mean that’s what happens every season. We just need to regroup, rebuild and turn our focus on this weekend.