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FC Dallas vs Chicago: What We Learned

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FC Dallas lost in a frustrating fasion on Thursday, but there are still a few positives to be taken from the match.

MLS: FC Dallas at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas’ lineup was heavily rotated on Thursday night in the game against the Chicago Fire. Walker Hume was the only one to officially get his debut, but many of the others have not seen too much playing time. Here are some of my takeaways from the match:

The New Lamah?

I'm going to keep this short because you're going to see a lot about this on the site, but Lamah had a wonderful game on Thursday. While he improved his play in the last two or three games prior to this, he never really impressed or gave opposing defenses too much to think about. This was a game stacked against him, and he came through with his best performance of the year. Hopefully his goal will give him some needed confidence and open the floodgates for him.

FC Dallas' Central Midfield is Stacked

Carlos Cermeño had a decent first impression already, but against Chicago he was amazing. People had low expectations for him when he was signed, but he has shown great ability. Here's why you should be excited about FCD's central midfield: Kellyn Acosta, Carlos Cermeño, and Jacori Hayes are all 21 years old. Carlos Gruezo is 22, Victor Ulloa is 25, and Mauro Diaz is 26. That is a very young group of talented midfielders. I point this out because Cermeño was a bit of an unknown, but this game showed some real promise, and Hayes has looked good in his few minutes from past appearances. Javier Morales is an MLS legend, and he can contribute a lot to this team in the short term.

Here is what we can learn from Cermeño's game: His passing and movement were exceptional. He was a huge asset in possession, and drew a few fouls as well. He played great balls on the ground, in the air, to feet, and into space. He also played in some good curling corner kicks from the right side (he is left footed). He doesn't seem like a big threat in front of goal, but he can get the ball there. He also looks alright at winning the ball back. I don't mean to make this game look like a legendary performance because it wasn't, but he looks like a great pickup who can provide a lot of cover as depth.

Other stuff:

What's up with Seitz? I was disappointed that he couldn't save the two goals scored on him, but then he followed it up with fantastic saves later in the game, including a PK stop on the league's leading goalscorer.

People are being too harsh on Colmán. His goals aren't coming yet, but he is getting asked to do too much at the moment with too little. I believe that he will thrive with Mauro Diaz who can play in the through balls he wants.


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