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FC Dallas reveals season ticket pricing for 2018 and beyond

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With the new Hall of Fame sections set to open in 2018, we’re finally getting a glimpse of what is to come.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Lucky us! It’s that time that of year again where FC Dallas sends out the updated pricing for the next year’s season ticket packages. You know, the time where everyone freaks out about the change in pricing. Well it’s upon us, so we might as well look into it and dissect it.

I’ll be upfront and honest a bit here. There are a couple of debates that pop up from year to year that give me tired head. This is one of them. As a club grows, becomes more successful, and keeps up with the changing economic climate, prices will inevitably go up. It really boils down to how much.

Before we can look at the new year's pricing, here is last years, as a point of reference.

Overall, the pricing is going to remain the same. The Beer Garden is exactly the same price. The east side of the stadium is at least the same price and in fact went down in some places. Also, the west side of the stadium went down in every section except for 104-108. In those sections, the pricing went up from $50 a match (107-105) and $40 (108,104) to $56. Other than two sections, in the whole stadium, pricing either stayed the same or minimally went up. The worst case scenario is a price difference of $16.

Now, there is pricing in the new HOF section. The pricing will be $33 a match in 2017 and $56 in 2018. For the newest section in the stadium, with a shade covering, those prices aren’t outrageous.

With our fan base, the pricing itself has never been issue. It’s the change that goes along with it. Part of me honestly believes that no matter happened with the pricing, some people would freak out and take to social media to show their displeasure. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to see how FC Dallas prices matched up against other clubs across MLS. Like any good millennial, I went to Reddit to figure it out. You can see the whole thread here.

According to the wonderful community over at r/mls, FC Dallas’s pricing is very competitive. The $360 price looks like a steal, especially with over half the stadium utilizing it. In face, the majority of clubs don’t come close to that number. On top of that, for the best seats in the stadium, the cost is right in line with the rest of MLS. Also, fans at clubs such as NYRB, NYCFC, Philadelphia, Orlando, San Jose, Toronto, Atlanta, MNUFC and LAG all pay more for their seats. On top of that, they don’t get free parking to go along with them.

From everything I can find and see, our pricing is very fan friendly. Sure it’s not the super low prices some people were paying years ago, but it’s in line with the rest of MLS and ,in a most cases, cheaper.

As fans, we need to take a step back in cases like this. There are too many times where we think the front office and club are out to hurt or ruin our experiences with this team. In reality, they are being very gracious and offering quite a few different affordable options.

Remember, this club is still growing and is somewhat of an unknown commodity in the metroplex. Most people aren’t worried about these ticket prices. They are going to be cheaper than going to a Rangers, Stars, or Cowboys game. We should be happily showing people how cost efficient an MLS game is instead of complaining of an, at worst, $6 ‘price hike.’ Yes, the club is about the fans and won’t be playing any matches if we don’t show up. However, don’t forget that the club is still a business and needs to make money.

FC Dallas and the front office is offering us, the fans, a great product and is doing so at very competitive pricing. Let’s cut them some slack, be a little more grateful.