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View from the East Stand: Something New

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An unfamiliar feeling after home matches.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a good while since we’ve left a home match with our heads hung low, which fans of other teams would definitely let you know it’s a good thing. Speaking of fans, the lone construction worker was back out and about in the construction site! There a noticeable lack of drum power in the stadium for this match. Drums weren’t the only thing lacking, as the FC Dallas attack fell flat.

No drum line?

Gotta say, the stadium seems pretty quiet without the drum line unfortunately. I’m not really a fan of the drum line as it seems a little forced and bought but after this match I kind of miss them. They bring the thunder in the stadium! I’d much rather see FC Dallas fans have a coordinated and just as large drum section for the beer garden.

El Matador was the clear beneficiary of the lack of drums on the day though (maybe San Jose too though) as I was closer to the Beer Garden but could hear El Matador playing as clear, if not clearer, during the match. One guy that probably enjoys them as well is the lone construction worker as he returned from his one match absence. Unfortunately, his magic seemed to wear off this time.

Lousy Attack!

The crowd wasn’t too into the match, but the team really didn’t them much to work with from the get go. It seemed like the creativity was not there and it was genuinely difficult to get excited and really into the match. In fact, the San Jose attack almost seemed much more threatening than ours and it really felt like their goal was coming. The only two times I jumped out of my seat was the Tesho and Acosta chances that really should’ve been finished better. Overall, a frustrating match. But maybe we should be thankful that frustrating matches at Toyota Stadium have become a rarity.

Did you miss the drum line being there, almost like the match was definitely lacking them? Could you hear El Matador for the whole match? Who else felt it hard to get into the match? Let me know in the comments below!