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Ben's Fantasy (MLS Fantasy Manager Round 12)

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Oh, it can get worse. It can always get worse.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I shared with you a mock up of a letter I sent to the New York Times in response to their encouragement. If you don’t want to go back and enjoy, I’ll sum it up thusly- it was snarky. I slagged POTUS for being awful and noted that the extent of his awfulness as an accidental positive from which all present and future citizens can learn a plethora of valuable lessons about selecting a president for our great country i.e. what not to do.

Since then, he’s fired the FBI director in a letter with dubious facts, had it attributed to a memo written by the Attorney General who didn’t have to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, only to contradict that as the raison d’etre when he told Lester Holt in an interview that he’d already decided to shitcan Comey. Sandwiched between this and a report that he’d asked Comey to end the Russia investigation back in February, we learned that he tipped off Russia to some sensitive intelligence that we haven’t even shared with our allies and, in the process, doxxed Israeli intelligence in a move that will certainly back up his claims that Israel will have no greater friend than Donald Trump. I’m not even going to link all of this; fact check me, bro. I dare you.

Anyway, speaking of things that are awful, Real Salt Lake and Crapids have more in common than playing their home games in the picturesque Rocky Mountains. Additionally, they’re the only two teams in MLS who have a worse record than the Seattle Sounders, and if you’ve figured out that everything up to now was prelude to bag on Sounders, you’re quite the sleuth.

Anyway, if you want a hokey witticism about extra digits boomeranging when pointing one’s finger, look no further than the author. Picking Crognale as my 4th Crew player man instead of Meram was an expensive mistake, and the leaders now are faint specks on the horizon. Much like the craptacular Western Conference teams I previously mentioned, there’s still an opportunity to catch up, but we’re going to have to show some urgency about it now. Because of the number of teams on the DGW this round and what I’m guessing will amount to some added variance, there’s an opportunity to make up some ground this round going oppo if you’re feeling bold. The key is betting against commonly owned players.


Most Popular Transfers:

F Nemanja Nikolic

F David Villa

More than 10% of teams have added this pair this round. Villa is the most popular forward with Larin in 2nd with almost 1 in 4 teams owning the OG from OC.

Try These:

F Dom Dwyer

F Yura Movsisyan

Nikolic isn’t a spring chicken and Villa has two road games. When comparing the two with Dom and Yura, you should note that Dom and Yura played sparingly or not at all this weekend. Both get a game against beat up Seattle this round and both start the week off at home. Part of maximizing your DGW haul is getting two starts and home games (you can’t count on road hat tricks, Meram be damned). If you’ve got points to make up, I can see Dom and Yura being a cheaper combo that plays more minutes and scores more points than what the in crowd projects.

Most Popular Transfers:

M Haris Medunjanin

M Anibal Godoy

M Dax McCarty

This trio all has 1500 or more adds with Dax being the only one without 10%+ ownership. Are any 100% sure to play two? All usually have a decent floor, but you’re trying to make up points. Remember, you’re hoping for floor and rest with these guys to catch up. That’s definitely a possible outcome this round.

Try These:

M Albert Rusnak

M Gustav Svensson

M Chris Pontius

Rusnak should be back tonight, and that’s a big boost for RSL. He cleaned up during the last home game with bad weather, too. Much like Seattle and their very crappy record (LOL), RSL isn’t as bad as they look. Svensson is cheap and consistent, and he’ll lay 2. He may play 2 in the Ozzie role since Alonso has a quad injury, but he’ll play 2 regardless. Pontius is my final one here because he’s flying under the radar a bit. He hasn’t scored yet this year, but he’s had double digit goals in 2 different MLS seasons with 2 different teams. I’m starting him over Medjunanin if he gets the start tonight.

Most Popular Transfers:

D Florian Jungwirth

D Matt Besler

Try These:

D Johan Kappelhof

D Ray Gaddis

San Jose and Spork have been good defenses to own, but their matchups aren’t stellar this round, and both managers have shown that they’ll rotate. Will Kinnear go for the 3 tonight against Orlando and accidentally be exposed? Spork hosts Seattle and then goes on the road to face a somewhat competent Vancouver team. Eh...I’m not interested.

Meanwhile, Chicago starts off at home with Crapids and then goes to DC who will be missing Acosta this weekend due to a red card suspension. On the front end, Kappelhof has averaged 9.5 for home matches this year. As for Gaddis, well Philly has two at home this round. Houston looks like they could be shy both of their Hondurans, and Crapids rejuvenated offense hasn’t converted this skeptic just yet. Hard to guess who might be rotated at the back, but I’m guessing Curtin isn’t messing with much now that they’re winning.


Byrd’s Ballers: (Round 9. 3-1-0, Season 28-17-4)

  1. Nicolas Lodeiro M $11.5
  2. Dom Dwyer- F $9.0
  3. Albert Rusnak - M $9.1
  4. Kevin Molino- M $10.1
  5. Bennie Feilhaber- M $10.5

Gotta happen now fam. Otherwise, you might as well just flip a coin and give the trophy to either of the hot hands- PVW or Lamah I Just killed a man. They had the top 2 scores for the round and the league. Like I said, great round to go for the gusto.

I’ve already delivered my rationale for Dwyer and Rusnak. Molino, because of his start time and fixture, makes for a good switcheroo option if you end up with one of your Dmids producing floor and DNP. The key is to pick the right one. Feilhaber should play two and delivered the goods last DGW. Surprisingly, he’s neither Top 5 in or 10% owned.

Skinflint’s Specials: (Round 9 2-3-0, Season 24-31-0)

  1. Philly backline (Elliot, Onyewu, Gaddis, Fabinho) All<$5.0
  2. Gustav Svensson M $6.0

Philly’s hot and they have two home games. They’re destined to disappoint, but you can’t ignore what they offer in the way of form and favorable schedule. If they win tonight, I doubt any of them are rotated, but the wing defenders probably carry the greatest risk there. As for Svensson, he’s Alonso if Alonso misses. If not, he’s averaging 5 a game even when Alonso plays. Good luck clawing your way back in this round!

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