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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: What we learned

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This was a match that definitely left us wanting more.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Another home draw for FC Dallas this past Sunday as they played NYCFC to a 1-1 scoreline. For all the praise this team has received for being undefeated, there have definitely been some matches this year that have left us wanting more. In a lot of ways, Sunday night shouldn’t have been close at all. It was another instance, early on in the season, where the team just hasn’t been clinical enough in the final third. On the flip side though, the team is still undefeated, has one of the best ppgs records and is without their best player. It’s quite the conundrum.

Back to Sunday night and some final thoughts about the match.

Matt Hedges is Human.

Before Sunday night I could have argued that Matt Hedges wasn’t a human but more of a robot. He is never out of position, always make the right plays and seems to do it with relative ease. My argument went out the window when I saw him on the ground with blood, not oil, dripping down his face. It was a scary sight. The collision itself seemed to happen in slow motion and was cringeworthy.

Luckily, both players were alright and aside from 6 stitches at halftime, no lingering effects - hopefully.

Where did this Tesho come from?

It seems as if Tesho has finally taken the next step in his game. The past month or so, he has been one of the most dangerous players on the pitch. His ability to press and track back defensively as well as spring counter attacks have been huge for this early season success.

There was an article written on Monday looking at Tesho’s effectiveness and why he is holding off Cristian Colman from that second striker spot. I don’t disagree with current 4-4-2 lineup, but I wouldn’t be opposed to sliding Tesho outside in Roland Lamah’s spot and moving Cristian up front with Maxi Urruti, especially at home. In years past, it was the home matches that really separated us from the rest of the league. We were able to not only not lose, but also win the majority of our home matches. Even with the team slightly handicapped without Mauro Diaz, I think adding another attacking player to the fold could have positive outcomes.

Ryan Hollingshead is still a fan favorite.

Ryan getting back on the field was probably the coolest moment of the night. The applause when he was announced sounded like we just scored a goal. The guy has always been a fan favorite (even without his luscious locks).

How can he not be? He’s the ultimate team guy. He will play anywhere on the field, do whatever is asked of him and generally looks like he is having fun doing it. If only he would have been able to capitalize on the ball bouncing around the goal late in the second half. Regardless though, this team is in a better spot with him being healthy again.

Couple quick thoughts

Colman is going to get a goal and soon. He has been so so close these past two weeks. Whenever he does start scoring, he is going to get a bunch of them.

Kellyn has tattoos. I had never noticed this until Sunday night, but on his right arm he has a sleeve. I don’t know how long he has them, but they are there. ‘They just grow up so fast.’

Happy Mother's Day to this beautiful Mom of mine!

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Overall, we know where this team stands. This team will continue to get points with their stingy defense and grinding out goals. It can be frustrating because of the talent on the team, but it’s hard to get results in this league - just ask Seattle. This team will be fine and will ultimately be judged on how they perform come November. Until then, we are hoping no one gets hurt and this team continues to tweak things here and there.