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Workhorse of the Week vs. New York City FC

Another home draw. Are you happy? Vote for your top player from Sunday evening.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Matt Hedges took the fan vote to grab another Workhorse honor via your studious voting for his performance against Real Salt Lake. Maxi Urruti came in a close second, so I wanted to give credit to both for their incredible work rate in that game.

Another home draw

A couple of weeks ago when FC Dallas came away with a tough home draw against Portland, I gave that classic “perspective” speech in this article about how it’s a long season and you win some and lose some. So on and so forth. A draw at home isn’t always the worse thing in the world, especially coming from behind.

But, I don’t feel quite that way after Sunday night.

FC Dallas was the better team. Period. That’s no disrespect to NYCFC, who had their moments in this game too. FC Dallas was the home team. They were the most comfortable with the supportive crowd behind their backs. It makes sense, but... yes, they were the better team.

FC Dallas had a lead. A one goal cushion isn’t enough in any game in MLS and especially against a team with David Villa running around. But I admit that I felt like this one was looking in the pocket. NYCFC had a couple of decent chances that they put together, but beyond that, FC Dallas dominated. Unfortunately, one foul was enough to give Villa chance that McNamara put away. Ugh.

FCD played really well. They looked dangerous throughout. This seemed to be the best team performance we have seen so far with lots of players contributing here and there, even if it was not yet perfect. Would we still like to see a bit more from a few players? Sure, but overall, I was impressed by Roland Lamah’s performance where he seemed to calm down and play simply, almost like a target winger at times, looking to combine rather than out-Barrios everybody. He has to get his shots on frame, for sure, and keep figuring out his role on this team. Cristian Colman needs to bury one of these golden chances. Carlos Gruezo needs to decide if he is going to score goals or let other players take a shot. Acosta too needs to not get carried away with the long shots. Overall, this was a fine team performance, including worthy subs.

Ultimately, while a draw isn’t the end of the world, I’m still disappointed. FC Dallas deserved more on the night. I hope this is just another one of those tough 90 minutes where things have yet to quite come together.

Here are a few more thoughts and some Workhorse suggestions:

Vote for Matt Hedges.

You can’t go wrong with a vote for the captain. Just look at this guy. He’s incredible. To keep playing with that nasty gash on his forehead, we fans don’t really deserve this. Let’s not take it for granted. Let’s enjoy the Captain while we have him.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Grana is getting better but...

I have not been impressed with Hernan Grana over the first several games of the season. Too much slipping and sliding, some careless turnovers, and some poor positioning. But, he has gotten a lot better. He seems to be really working things out with this team, and I don’t see who might replace him. Sunday night was one of his better performances all around, but then he gives up that dumb foul on Villa that lets NYCFC steal a point. It’s frustrating. That’s all I am saying about him.

Carlos Gruezo is a workhorse.

Gruezo was everywhere on Sunday night. He was relentless. His ability to win tackles and quickly move into attack mode is highlight reel stuff, and it’s clinic worthy material. Go back and rewatch the game just to see what he does. He’s so good. A vote for Carlos this week is a vote that returns some semblance of order and integrity to this post-apocalyptic wasteland we call North America.


Cast your vote for the Workhorse of the Week.

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    Jesse Gonzalez
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    Hernan Grana
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  • 5%
    Walker Zimmerman
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  • 56%
    Matt Hedges
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    Atiba Harris
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    Maynor Figueroa
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  • 9%
    Carlos Gruezo
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  • 7%
    Kellyn Acosta
    (4 votes)
  • 11%
    Michael Barrios
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    Tesho Akindele
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  • 3%
    Ryan Hollingshead
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    Roland Lamah
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  • 1%
    Maxi Urruti
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    Cristian Colman
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    No One
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