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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: Game grades

The Year of Kellyn continues.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One more game is in the books for FC Dallas. The Year of Kellyn continues. Acosta found the back of the net again, for his third time this MLS season, and his sixth time in all competitions in 2017. Check below to see how he, and the rest of FC Dallas, graded out from their 1-1 tie to New York City FC.

Jesse Gonzalez: B

Jesse Gonzales didn’t have much to do, and it’s hard to blame NYCFC’s goal on him. He had a scary mistake though when he missed a back pass and luckily only gave NYC a corner kick.

Hernan Grana: B+

Grana was his usual self, and had his pluses and minuses. He brought help going forward, and one particular eye-catching play was when he pressured a NYCFC defender who was trying to play the ball out of the back. Grana lunged and caught him unawares, sending the ball dangerously across goal. Later in the match, Grana made a silly tackle on the 2010 World Cup Golden Boot winner himself, David Villa, that gave NYC a dangerous free kick that would result in their only goal in the match. The slide tackle was unnecessary by Grana, as Villa was not in a dangerous spot to score from in open play.

Matt Hedges: A

FC Dallas’ captain showed his resiliency, fighting through to stay on the field after injuring his head. He had to get stitches, but he played through his pain, still shutting down NYC’s attack, and even heading the ball several times, which must have hurt quite a bit. He also had several timely tackles that blocked some dangerous shots.

Walker Zimmerman: A

Zimmerman helped relieve the defensive burden from Hedges. He wasn’t allowing any NYC attackers have space in behind, and he and Hedges never allowed Jesse Gonzalez to be tested to make a save.

Maynor Figueroa: B+

In this game, Figueroa seemed to be more conservative, being content to stay back, which is fine, as NYCFC is a strong team, and he needed to help cover the space that Grana was leaving behind by pushing forward. His passing was decent, and he had no serious problems defensively.

Carlos Gruezo: A

NYCFC were closed down in the middle by Gruezo well. Gruezo had multiple interceptions and recoveries. His passing was alright, too. As usual, Gruezo could have had better long range shots, but if that is his biggest problem as a defensive midfielder, we should be fine.

Kellyn Acosta: A+

Another goal for Kellyn Acosta. What a year he is having. His performance was so good on Sunday. He was everywhere on the field, helping out defensively and also being a huge piece in the FC Dallas attack. The Year of Kellyn continues.

Roland Lamah: A-

This was easily Lamah’s best performance for FC Dallas since his first game against Arabe Unido. That should not be a good thing, but Lamah is at least showing some signs of adjusting to FCD and the league. He was deployed on the left side of the field, and this was the first game where he really showed some defensive ability. He won several balls back for Dallas, and looked good in possession, and had a nice cross that he played in with his weaker right foot. His mark dropped a bit because he disappeared farther into the match and was never able to really provide any threatening opportunities either for himself or his teammates.

Michael Barrios: A+

FC Dallas would be a completely different team without Michael Barrios. He makes teams keep a careful eye on him, and if they don’t, he punishes immediately. NYCFC would start to pressure Dallas, then instantly Barrios would find himself open on the counter. On Acosta’s goal, he crossed up his defender so hard and deservedly got the second assist. Later on, he would make a great run and play a wide open Colman, whose shot one the one-vs-one with NYC goalkeeper Sean Johnson would get saved.

Tesho Akindele: A

Akindele and Maxi Urruti do work together well as pests to opposing backlines. Akindele’s net would come out of this one empty, but he did create chances in the attack.

Maxi Urruti: A-

Urruti continued his excellent season. He contributed in many ways, and was so close to scoring an almost exact replica to his goal against Portland a couple weeks ago. Sean Johnson made an incredible fingertip save to keep it out of the net. The NYCFC keeper really was their hero on Sunday. This save, coupled with the stop on Colman were the reason New York City came out of this game with a point.

Oscar Pareja: A

It was a good strategy by FC Dallas’ coach to play Urruti and Akindele both against NYC, a team that likes to play out of the back. Dallas was set up to win this game, and FC Dallas will remain undefeated for another game.


Cristian Colman: B

Unfortunately for Colman, his only impression on this match would be his breakaway shot that was saved. It was a decent shot that might have gone in against other keepers, but in the end it didn’t go in.

Atiba Harris: N/A

It’s interesting to note that Atiba Harris was the first replacement for center back. He came in for Matt Hedges.

Ryan Hollingshead: N/A

Great to see Hollingshead back!

What do you think? Are these grades correct? Are they horribly wrong? Where was the lone construction worker? Put your thoughts down below in the comments section.