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View from the East Stand: Mom Day!

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Mother’s Day in Frisco, soccer moms abound!

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was a beautiful evening Sunday as 8pm game time rolled around. Although the temperature dropped as the game went on, the tension of the game kept the body temperature up. The breeze rolling in was really nice to have, the sun smashing into our eyes was not. Turns out supporting fans are pretty easy to come by when you have some big players on the team plus victories coming your way.

Traveling support

NYCFC is slowly gaining a large following, especially now that they’re winning. Their big name players helped, you could easily see that with the jerseys around the stadium. This also got me to thinking during the game though, as I started wondering how many more fans we could attract if we signed a big name now. The amount of David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, and even Frank Lampard jerseys I saw from all their different teams was comparable to the times LAG and Seattle visit with their past and present big names. At least the jerseys were less of an eye sore than the sun...

The Sun

It’s the classic east stand complaint, at least for Toyota Stadium it is. It might’ve been just my section, or maybe a few sections, but the sun hurts. It’s high time the Hunt’s at least invest in a sun blocker that rises on the west side of the stadium to block the sun from completely devastating the east side. I’ll have to ask him again in the Facebook comments I guess.

Completely unrelated note to either of the paragraphs, but what a warrior Hedges is! That was a nasty collision, and I thought for sure our big man was going to be subbed out and out injured for a while. Instead he came back out to finish the game. Unbelievable.

Could you see the first parts of the game from where you were sitting? Did you wear your Lampard Chelsea jersey despite being an FC Dallas fan? Can you tell Dan Hunt we need a wall above the west side to block the sun during its’ most annoying angles? Let me know in the comments below!