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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: Highlights, stats, and quote sheet

All the facts from Sunday’s draw.

FC Dallas remains unbeaten following their 1-1 draw with New York City FC.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts about tonight’s match…

It’s hard to come and say “you know what, in my opinion, we really deserved this game.” We were a much better team and we should be proud because we played against one of the best teams in the league. And we did a fantastic job. I want to praise the group of players, who from the first minute, they gave all they had and made the game very entertaining for the people who came. And I also have to praise and express all the respect I have for New York City and the way they challenged us as well.

I’m very pleased and very proud of this group of players tonight. We are used to winning our games at home and that’s probably the frustration that we may feel in the locker room after the game. But as you saw in the first half, we created a lot of chances and in the second half we had controlled the majority of the game in our way, in our style. New York is a dangerous team and, as I said, the intensity throughout the whole game was remarkable.

On drawing at home…

It’s our goal all the time to get a good result, but this league is built with many good teams and many players that are playing in the MLS now that show that it’s not going to be easy… Getting one point sometimes is going to be a luxury, got to tell you that, and probably this game is one of those… We won last week and got three points away, so we’re fine. We’re fighting.

On Matt Hedges’ character…

That’s the captain of FC Dallas. Matt is playing great this year. He’s thinking and getting to the next step. And that single play shows what he’s growing into, you know, a man on the field. You got to see it close, it’s incredible. He went back and fought through and that’s a good example for our youngsters.

On Ryan Hollingshead’s return…

The game was very dynamic. And from the 65th minute through the end we had a few players that could have been part of the game, and Ryan was in the equation. As I said last weekend in Salt Lake, I don’t use emotional moments to bring players in or not. The game was asking for him and he was close to scoring, so that will be a great story tonight. I’m happy to see him back again.

FC Dallas midfielder Kellyn Acosta

On Matt Hedges cutting his head and continuing to play despite getting six stiches at halftime…It was unfortunate that he had to come out of the game but he definitely gave us everything he had, that’s our captain. We believe in him and it definitely showed his character. He is going to fight till the end. We all have that belief. The coaching staff says the game is a war. We go out there and battle every day. Fortunately Matt was able to continue there for a bit. That just shows we’re going to keep fighting and keep pushing for 90 minutes. I didn’t know I hit him. I thought I had ran into a [New York] defender. I was looking around after and I saw he was on the ground. I have a hard head so hopefully he recovers well and is ready for this week.

On getting his third goal…

I was the third runner into the box. I was fortunate that the ball just bounced to me but I put myself in a good spot to be able to react to the ball. I just put it in… Oscar always tell us to put it on frame and be clinical. I was lucky to get the ball in a good spot and I put it in.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

On getting cut…

I didn’t really notice. I didn’t know I was bleeding until everyone started saying it was. They bandaged it up so I could go back in and then they stitched it up at halftime. It was just another game. I love to play and I don’t really care if I am hurt or whatever, I just want to be out there.

On the team’s defense so far this season…

As a back four, we have worked together a lot. We have good chemistry and communication with our midfield. Everything has been clicking very well. It has helped us to become one of the best defenses in the league.

FC Dallas midfielder Ryan Hollingshead

On working his way back to full fitness…

In those circumstances, when you sub on for a few minutes right at the end, you’re fine. If I were to try and go a full 90, it would be tough right now but you need times like today, getting into the game, where the pressure is there, the heart rate is there, to really get that fitness. I feel good though. I feel as close as I could be. I was trying to get to a rebound on that last set piece, and I almost did, it squirted out right next to me but it was just a little out of range.