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Quick Burns: Does the possibility of a new SuperLiga matter to you?

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Rumors are popping up that Liga MX and MLS teams could be meeting in a new tournament.

MLS: Pachuca at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Since 2010, there has not been a competition that linked just MLS and Liga MX sides together like SuperLiga once did. But now there appears to be talks in the work that could bring back a small tournament between the two North American leagues yet again.

Liga MX owners could approve the new tournament as soon as this month, according to this report from ESPNFC. It could even be possible for a new tournament to begin this year if things go according to plan.

This got our staff thinking, does a tournament like this need to exist? And does that sort of thing even excite any of us?

Jared Tilley - Sort of

I don’t honestly care about the competition at all. I don’t care how we do in it or anything like that. The only thing I care about is the playing time the younger guys will be able to get. Now that there isn’t any CCL in the fall, the only games that the younger guys will have is early USOC matches and matches that conflict during the international breaks. Even with the Gold Cup, MLS is suspending the season during the group stages. The lack of extra competitions leaves me wanting more game time for the younger guys. Hopefully this allows for it.

Phil Luetchford - No thanks

I had the misfortune of attending a SuperLiga game in 2007 in RFK. DC United and Club America each trotted out scrubs in a game where neither side seemed to care about the result. My only recollection of the game, other than taking a picture with a United supporter dressed as Darth Vader, is boredom.

The SuperLiga was not taken seriously. Both MLS and Liga MX teams prioritized league games on the weekend. The same thing will happen in this new SuperLiga. The real continental prize is the CONCACAF Champions League trophy, where we see highly-competitive matches like FC Dallas vs. Pachuca.

Jason Poon - Pass

Etan Cohn - Yes please!

I was not a big enough fan yet to know about the SuperLiga before it vanished about seven years ago, but I would say yes to any new games added to FC Dallas' schedule. I would hope that there is a way for it to be competitive and give us more data to compare the best of MLS and Liga MX than just the CCL. If it wasn't competitive in the past, though, it is unlikely it would be now, unless there is incentive added. The formation of this tournament is supposed to be a replacement for Copa Libertadores which Liga MX will no longer be playing in, so I will hold onto hope that this new tournament will be pushed to be competitive.

Here's the deal, though. Even if the teams aren't going full strength, I'd love the opportunity to see FC Dallas' reserves get on the playing field. Fans get excited about the early rounds of the USOC for this reason, and reserves usually only play in 1 or 2 games of that tournament per year. FC Dallas could also show Seltzer who the deepest team in MLS truly is.

Preston Wetherington- Why not!

Lets face it, MLS clubs have struggled in CONCACAF Champions League, and has not won the tournament in its new (about to be old) format. With Liga MX being arguably one of the strongest, most competitive league in the western hemisphere, having the MLS elite competing against some of the top Mexican sides would be beneficial long term for the league.

We saw how Dallas’ preseason trip to Argentina start out of the blocks in a sprint, and was a big factor to FC Dallas’ red hot form thanks to our starters and reserves getting quality minutes against quality sides. Having potentially the four teams that will qualify for CCL play against the top Mexican sides, I could see the benefit out of it.

Jeff Loftin- Sure...I guess

I think that competition is great, and playing more games against the best teams in the region is a good idea, but my problem is that there doesn’t seem to be an endgame. Does the winner of this tournament get an automatic spot in the CCL for the following season? If that were the case I think I could get behind this pretty easily.

I want FCD to play more teams that are of high quality, and playing a tournament like this will likely help. If there is no real point to it though, other than a meaningless trophy at the end, then I am not sure that I see a reason to worry about it much. I would love to head out to Frisco to watch us play America, Pachuca, Tigres, etc yearly though so maybe it isn’t all bad.

Drew Epperley - It sucked then and it would probably suck now

Only fans in New England actually cared about SuperLiga and really the only good to come out of it was a crazy game with the LA Galaxy that helped turn that meeting with them into a bit of a rivalry.

But in all seriousness, I can’t see how this tournament would really benefit MLS teams, especially if it were scheduled for late summer/early fall. That is prime time for MLS teams that are gearing up for the playoffs. Additional games in that portion of the calendar is a bad idea. You’re going to see more teams field B and C squads from MLS than teams that would compete.