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View from the East Stand: D*rn Rain

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The dang rain delay wasn’t as much a damper on the darn game as the result.

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the foul language there in the title. It was raining a good amount in Dallas around scheduled game time, and unfortunately the thunder and lightning made its’ presence known to the referees as we had a game delay of around 20 minutes. Either a lot of Portland people moved to Dallas or we have some turncoats in our midst. And finally, it seems like the Beer Garden was full of security today as they took away a few people using naughty words.

Dang Rain

The game was sold out, but it seems like the appearance of rain dissuaded a number of those sold out ticket holders from showing up. Understandable though as there was a chance of a delay of game with all the rain, and while it wasn’t as bad as the Toronto game a couple years back, it definitely persuaded a few people to leave before the game got going. Water wasn’t the only thing that poured down into the stadium! Some ejections came down as well!

Profane Ejections

The ejections weren’t on the field this game, rather, they were in the Dallas Beer Garden. During the second half of the game, security started showing up and taking people away from the Beer Garden. I assumed they had gotten too rowdy and security was having to step in, but word started to spread that it was about profane language. What the heck?

Of course the result kinda stinks, although we did battle back from being down twice. What really stinks, though, in the clamping down on the cursing in the Beer Garden. The FO created a section with discounted beer, but they have to control their hecking language? This is a tight position with the FC Dallas front office being caught between some of their most passionate supporters, and trying to cater to their target demographic of suburban families with their children. This coming week should test the ‘transparency’ FCD has been wanting to show they’re capable of, it’ll be interesting to see their response to the complaints from the DBG.

Fan quote of the night: Insert whatever curse words you’d like right here. Just censor them please.

Were you in the Beer Garden during the game and would like to share your experience on what happened? Do you feel like cursing should be allowed or regulated? Are you tired of the profane chants? Let me know in the comments below!