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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Well that sucked last night.

The Champions League dream has come to an end for FC Dallas.

// FC Dallas //

Last minute goal sends FC Dallas out of the CCL | Big D Soccer

The fun run in the CCL has come to an end as FC Dallas struggled on the road last night in Mexico. It was an ugly game to say the least but there were moments that showed this Dallas team had a chance.

Pareja admits bitterness after defeat |

Oddly enough this wasn’t a game that I thought Oscar Pareja over thought his lineup or even his subs. Usually big games in the past, Papi has done a little too much tinkering with his lineup. But last night didn’t feel like the case. Maybe the elements just got to the guys more than anything else.

Doyle: Wasteful Dallas shown the CCL door |

The fact that FCD had the chances in this game on the road tells me a lot about this team. But at the same time, they still look to be in a bit of preseason mode with their finishing and passing in the midfield.

Lozano hopes to leave Mexico for Europe | Fox Soccer

Well he certainly showed the many scouts in person what he can do last night.

// MLS //

MLS issues statement following St. Louis stadium vote |

The voters said no to the stadium funding vote in the Gateway City. It looks like that expansion plan may be looking for another way now.

No matter the season, MVP discussions center around goal-scorers | FourFourTwo

Just the title of this article alone makes me want to bring up again why MLS needs to re-do their end of year award names. Do a most improved over the comeback player, do a best young player over rookie, and that MVP title needs to be like most important player or something.

Treat yourself to the best stadium food in MLS | FourFourTwo I am getting hungry. Anyone had the Sonoran Dog yet at Toyota Stadium? I’d be curious to know how good (or bad) it is.

Jones admits pressure is always on him for USMNT | SB Nation

Uh, yeah, it kind of is Jermaine. Suck it up butter cup.