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Talking Points: FC Dallas defeated by Pachuca

FC Dallas gets knocked out of the CCL by a clinical Pachuca.

FC Dallas had a disappointing finish in an exciting 2nd leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Semi-Finals losing 3-1 to Pachuca. With the lone goal from Cristian Colman, there is plenty to talk about and many questions to ask as to what happened that caused FC Dallas to get knocked out.

Missed Chances

At times throughout the match, Dallas held their own against a strong Pachuca side. However, Dallas lacked their clinical edge that they have been known for of late, make little mistakes in front of goal that caused the shot to either be saved, wide or a misplaced pass. The first clear cut chance of the game was in the 24th minute by Cristian Colman. He was on the thread of a long pass, with two defenders to his left, with a clear sight of goal with Blanco well off his line, should’ve aimed his shot to the far post, but was deflected by the Tuzos keeper.

Then in the 61st minute when a ball was played in across the box, inches away from the goal line, Michael Barrios whiffs the shot and it goes wide. I am unsure if the defender got a toe on the ball or anything, but from the look of it, it seemed as if he had whiffed the shot.

These two, among several other clear chances, poor corners and misplaced crosses, there was much to be desired from the Dallas attack. On a normal day, Dallas could’ve had three or four goals, but this was no ordinary day. For many of those players, it was the biggest game of their careers, against a top Mexican side, and did not perform to standard under pressure.

Seitz Was Jekyll and Hyde

Chris Seitz had an interesting game, where he provided some unbelievable saves, but yet, couldn’t protect the goal to keep the boys from advancing to the final. In the 18th minute, Pachuca had a free kick from the left that was flicked on that forced Seitz to push the ball over the bar to prevent an early opening goal for the hosts.

On the first goal, Franco Jara had a perfectly timed run to put Pachuca ahead, but Seitz’s positional awareness was weak when he came off of his line. He had a wide open gap on his near post that he tried to adjust for when it was too late, causing a late, awkward dive to give Pachuca the opening goal.

The second goal I would blame more on Carlos Gruezo and Hernan Grana not following through with their marking. This gave Hirving Lozano the right amount of spacing to place a fantastic shot that would be difficult for many goalkeepers to stop. No blame to Chris Seitz for that one.

The third goal, the nail in the coffin was especially frustrating. Lozano was in the exact same spot as his first goal, granted it was the same situation of poor marking by Grana, lobbed his shot that was so slow my grandmother could’ve stopped.

Seitz made yet another delayed reaction on a shot that should have been easily saved. You cannot peg all of the blame on Seitz, but he did make some crucial errors that proved to be the difference in this match.

Did I miss a talking point? Such as the poor corners or low passing completion rate? Throw it in the comments! With a semi-final loss, we could all use a vent session, right?