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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Salaries are out for 2017 and some of the numbers were interesting.

The week rolls into the midway point here as FC Dallas continues to prepare for Portland.

// FC Dallas //

2017 salaries revealed, see what players for FCD are making | Big D Soccer

This was the big topic of discussion yesterday as we got to see who was making what in 2017. The big earners are Mauro Diaz, Roland Lamah, Carlos Gruezo and Matt Hedges.

Pomykal scores for the U18s | Big D Soccer

Paxton Pomykal is certainly something special here folks. He’s doing it on the national stage now.

Dallas eases out of goalie situation with a play out of baseball’s book | Dallas Morning News

The hardship rule in MLS can work to your advantage if you want it to and FCD dipped into it last weekend when Chris Seitz went down with a hamstring injury.

Three areas of versatility that are paying off for FCD | FourFourTwo

Even without Diaz, FCD has been able to do some pretty impressive things through two months of the season.

// MLS //

League’s millionaire club grows | Soccer America

With the league-wide report of salaries revealed yesterday, the list of millionaire players in MLS is growing at a pretty staggering rate.

Top-end salaries improve thanks to TAM | Soccer America

If you want a good list of which clubs are spending big, this is a good place to start.

How to get the most bang for your buck in MLS | ESPNFC

Here is a pretty solid starting XI, going the value route based on the salaries revealed. We get to see Michael Barrios make this list due to his crazy $100k salary.

Armchair Analyst: The age of the Homegrown No. 8 begins to dawn |
Plenty of Kellyn Acosta love in this piece by Matt Doyle. Victor Ulloa also gets a brief mention as well.

Timbers could be without Valeri on Saturday | Twitter

A hip injury is nothing easy to deal with long term, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see Portland give their star Diego Valeri a break for a week to heal up.

Minnesota’s turnaround warns against quick calls for expansion bosses | FourFourTwo

The last couple weeks for Minnesota have been a lot better. The goals stopped leaking in and the attack actually looks like a solid one.

And finally, this: