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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FC Dallas begins preparing for Portland.

The week rolls into Tuesday here as we begin to see FC Dallas prepare for Portland’s visit to Frisco this weekend.

// FC Dallas //

Diaz begins participating in drills | Big D Soccer

This one came in yesterday evening as we got to see a real look at what Mauro Diaz is up to with his recovery. He’s getting closer with each passing day but let’s be patient here too with him.

FCD vs SKC: What we learned | Big D Soccer

Oscar Pareja was pretty giddy following the win over Sporting KC last weekend. I’m sure if he can get his team to execute the game plan again against Portland this weekend, he’ll be even more giddy.

View from the East: Cold? | Big D Soccer

One last look at SKC for today as our guy in the East Stand talks about last weekend’s game.

Mailbag: Taking a Look at Scoring Chances, Defenders in the Attack |

Here are some good comments on how Pareja uses fullbacks in his system. Also some interesting takes on why the stadium grass is watered during halftime.

Gruezo and Acosta: FCD’s dangerous duo |

The stats may not be eye-popping from the SKC game in terms of shots, goals, assists, etc., but what they were able to do against a really good SKC attack was worth watching again.

// MLS //

Strong Orlando defense is leading the way |

Sure, the Lions are leading the points right now in MLS, but they’ve also played four games at home to start out. Again I will say, when they put up this kind of stuff on the road in places like Toronto, Seattle, Dallas, or even LA, then I’ll be more impressed.

Curt Onaflo is on the hot seat | LAG Confidential

This really shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone given his MLS coaching history in KC and DC. The guy is just not a MLS-level manager.

Sounders return to winning formula |

I thought it was only a matter of time before their attack woke up and began doing big things.

How tifos are made in New England | The Bent Musket

I always enjoy a good tifo at a MLS game. Here is a little back story on how they come together.

We’re greedy and we want more of this Darlington Nagbe | FourFourTwo

That goal over the weekend was something else. Nagbe is heating up just in time to come to Dallas and cool off? Let’s hope.

Evolution still required for fan culture and security | FourFourTwo

This comes on the heels of the Timmy Howard suspension.

MLS Rumors: Chicharito Headed to Los Angeles FC? | Metro US

Chicharito could end up being the highest paid player in MLS history.

Frank Yallop steps down as Phoenix coach amid bid to join MLS | ESPNFC

Also, the dream of a Didier Drogba player/coach/owner situation flew out the window with this move as well.