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View from the East Stand: Cold?!

Where did all this cold air come from?! It’s late April!

MLS: Sporting KC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The cold air was blowing into Frisco on Saturday, and it was the absolute wrong decision to wear shorts and forget the hoodie. Sporting Kansas City was in town, we bunkered down when we were there, weird how they did the exact same thing over here. Their large amount of traveling support couldn’t have been too happy with the performance. It would be a frustrating road to an ultimately relieving end.

Finishing woes continue

The only thing colder than the weather was our finishing. We were making good enough passes, creating some nice opportunities, but our hands would be on our heads as another chance went wasted. Don’t get me wrong, the team played well, only one save was really needed from Jesse and SKC had no answer for what we had all game.

Crowd and the ref

FC Dallas had a pretty good crowd for a less than perfect weather night, but the traveling support was big and loud this game. And did the Beer Garden set off the smoke machine too early in the second half? I mean, late in the game still at 0-0, I can understand cringing at the thought of going through the whole game not using it. Just give the team a few more chances at least!

I don’t recall being obscenely appalled by the refereeing this match at all. There was no standing with my arms in the air in disbelief, there was no berating the men in yellow for the questionable calls. This time the 4 amigos did really well managing the game and getting calls correct. Save maybe that offside call, that was a little weird.

And finally, our fan quote of the night: “Tesho, stop tripping your own players! You’re in the way!!” - It’s amusing looking back at it.

Were you at the game? Did you take a jacket or were you a numbskull like me? Did you yell at the ref at any point in the game, or do you think they did a good enough job? Did you panic and turn on the smoke machine before we scored? Let me know in the comments below!