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Big D Daily: News for Friday, April 21, 2017

The big showdown with Sporting KC is tomorrow night.

One more day until FC Dallas begins a two game home stand.

// FC Dallas //

Scouting Report: Can FCD shut down Dwyer and company? | Big D Soccer

Want to get ready for tomorrow’s game, being here with our scouting report of Sporting Kansas City.

Squad Selection: Who will start for FCD against SKC? | Big D Soccer

And while you are at it, build out a roster of who you think will be in the lineup tomorrow night.

Clavijo’s unlikely path to being FCD’s mastermind |

Here is a great read to start the morning out as we get a good sense of where Fernando Clavijo came from and how he got where he is today.

// MLS //

Stejskal: RSL, Brooks Lennon and Diaz returning to training |

Okay, the whole Mauro Diaz returning to training is a tad misleading. Yes, he has been out with the team more in recent weeks but he is only been seen doing some jogging on the side and some light work with a ball. We’ll get hype when he is in fully training with the rest of the team.

Schweinsteiger proving doubters wrong |

I was one of the many doubters here as he signed with the Fire but so far things have been pretty solid for both sides in this move.

Garber: MLS clubs are closer to winning CCL | ESPNFC

Yes, they are but lets not forget that Mexican teams continues to outspend MLS sides five to one in most cases (and yes I may have made that number up, its early, my coffee hasn’t kicked in).

MLS sideline reporters add vital element to broadcasts |

I was never a huge fan of sideline reporters in the early days of MLS and even really up until the last few years. But I’ve slowly come around to seeing some value in them.

Five reasons why Sporting KC may be the best team in MLS | FourFourTwo

And a little more on tomorrow’s opponent from someone who is definitely drinking the kool-aid here. But seriously though, that defense is damn good.

LAFC: The MLS 3.0 standard? |

As much as we were all blown away with how Atlanta entered the league this year, I think LAFC will take it up to another level next year.