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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FCD’s draw in the Bay Area.

MLS: FC Dallas at San Jose Earthquakes Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas left San Jose with a 1-1 draw against the San Jose Earthquakes on Friday night.


Overall thoughts on the game:

“Obviously frustrated at the end with a game that was controlled, with a result that was in the pocket and the last 30 seconds we gave up that silly goal. Obviously, that just gives us the impression that it's a bad result. Obviously, we wanted the three points and I thought that we deserved it, but we keep learning. The boys played well. We created a lot of chances to score. I thought in front of the goal we had our opportunities and if we were fine in that last piece of the field, I thought we could have scored more goals tonight.”

On conceding a goal from a cross in the box:

“Yeah, disappointing because that's one of the strengths that we have. We planned the game just putting pressure on the central box and waiting for them to launch the balls and we had with Walker [Zimmerman] and Matt [Hedges] and the defenders control the whole game, so we had no problem with it until the last minute.”

On conceding a goal in stoppage time:

“Unfortunately, that's the image that lasts for everybody. What happened is that the last minutes of extra time is part of the game also, but my evaluation goes beyond that, so I cannot see it as a fan and say, 'you know what, the last minute, that's why we didn't play well.' I thought the boys played very well tonight and I thought we all agree with a very well deserved three points for the team and very solid defensive performance, so I have to, as a coach, see the whole game. Unfortunately, we need to talk about the last 30 seconds, but I have to talk about the whole game. The whole game for us was very solid and very good.”


On tonight's game and how it relates to his season thus far:

“I was definitely excited to bag a goal and help my team. We were close to getting the result that we wanted, but a point on the road isn't as bad as it seems. It felt like a loss. But yeah, the beginning of the year has been great for me. I think I'm inching closer to getting better and better and really focusing on capitalizing on the chances I have in front of goal. I think I've been pretty clinical, but I think I can improve a lot on the field. I'm playing the central midfield role, I think I can have more touches on the ball and help my team in possession. I think that was an area we've been lacking, just keeping possession of the ball. I think we're almost too direct sometimes. I mean, we're getting results, but I think I can touch up on little things to further my growth as a player.”

On adapting to the addition of midfielder Carlos Gruezo to the team:

“It's definitely helped [having Gruezo on the team]. It took me a little bit to kind of adapt to how he plays. He's a guy that when he pressures, he pressures to win the ball. We've definitely adapted to each other. I think for him, I see him as a guy that sits more and has more space for me just to roam around. I've come to the realization that I have more space to find the pockets, rather then when [former FC Dallas midfielder] Mauro Diaz was there, it was as little bit different because I just tried to help him get his space and I kind of stayed out of the way and let him do his thing. Now I think when we play in our 4-4-2, it's more of an opportunity to get forward and find those pockets and to help my forwards and obviously get into spots where I can score some goals, as well.”

On adapting to having two forwards in the team's formation now:

“The space between me and Carlos and the forwards, that's the space that I can occupy. I mean, there's some times when they check in, but I think that more of that role depends on me coming in there and finding some pockets from our center backs or also from Carlos to just having that matchup in there. When we play with a number 10, he occupies that room and I'm kind of playing off of him. Now I'm playing more in between where I'm kind of just playing off of Carlos and I think that's really helped me find good spots and be closer to the goal and having some opportunities to finish them off.”