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TBT - Good times against San Jose

FC Dallas has had their way in San Jose lately .

Tomorrow is our annual Friday night road clash with San Jose. With the match on the horizon, it got me thinking back on the last couple of matches we have played against the San Jose Earthquakes. For whatever reason, self consciously I am always nervous to play the Quakes. I’m not sure if it’s because of Wondo/Godoy or because it’s a three hour flight away to a match that turns more into a grappling affair more than a soccer game.

Luckily my fears haven’t really come true. We really don’t lose to them much anymore. The game either ends in a draw or we get the win in spectacular fashion, and I do mean spectacular. How can anyone forget Maxi Urruti’s goal from last year? You know, the half bicycle that got all of us out of our couches and recliners, screaming like little children.

That goal was enough to secure three points on the road and looking at the end of the season, helped to win the Supporters Shield. If you want to relive the game, you can here. Keep in mind that Mauro Diaz played in the match and by watching the highlights, you will start to miss him again.

Even with Urruti’s wonder goal, that probably isn’t my favorite Friday night SJ match. The 2014 match has to take the cake here right? Fabian Castillo That guy who plays in Turkey continually tore up the San Jose defense. He finished the match with two goals and an assist. His first goal was possibly one of the funnest goals ever scored in the regular season, by any FC Dallas player - ever.

That night also featured Tesho’s first and only career professional hat trick. Sure, the goals he scored weren’t anything really special, but add them all within the context of the match and season, and you had the ticket that basically won him ‘Rookie of the Year’. (Fun fact about the 2014 match: Atiba Harris was playing for SJ in the midfield.)

The 2014 match might be one of my favorite regular season matches of all time. The team was rolling and it was, in a lot of ways, them showing what they potentially could be and have since become. Also, some part of me wonders how That Guy who went to Turkey’s career would be different without this game. It was that performance that showed his highlight ability and put him on the main stage for the league.

With all the success we have had playing in SJ on Friday night, there is still that small part of me who just sees us coming out of tomorrow night’s match with a loss. I will admit I am a bit of a cynic so I could possibly be wrong, but something about this game screams the first match against Houston last year.

Regardless of which way the match goes, I will be locked in and ready to go. Hopefully Urruti can put on another show and Roland Lamah do his best Castillo impression.