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View from the East Stand: Relaxed Night

It doesn’t get much less tense than this.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Another gorgeous evening in Frisco, light jacket and jeans type weather. For me anyway. With another reduced capacity sellout, it meant that the east side was fairly full save for a couple of pockets of empty seats. There was very little worry coming into this match, due to the opponent, and you could sense the crowd being much less tense than other games. It was a perfect day to be out to watch our team rebound from the midweek heartbreak.

Another RC Sellout!

The joy of having reduced capacity sellouts to tout around, where one man with a hard hat counts as your entire south section in a sellout crowd. There was a subdued, but numerically surprising Minnesota support that made an appearance. Their main encampment was towards the south of the west side of the stadium. They had some cool flags and I think they had some chants? It was difficult to hear them from across the stadium if they were belting out some chants.

Relaxed Game

Minnesota United came to Fortress Frisco for the first time in its’ MLS history, and there was no worry in that fact. In fact, there was never any doubt as to the result of the game in my, it was mainly trying to predict where the score would end up. The game should have been a much higher scoring affair than it turned out to be. FC Dallas’ finishing was comical at points (Roland Lamah), while Jesse pulled off some insane heroics that kept Minnesota off the sheet.

First fan quote of the game for the season is a little kid in front of me, completely decked out in FCD gear, that would randomly say “Go Minnesota!” to spite his dad and sister next to him. My friend from Minnesota I went with approved of his behavior, however, when the boy looked as my I shook my head in disapproval. Hopefully he switches allegiances while he still has time.

Were you nervous at all going into this game against Minnesota? Has anyone had trouble getting tickets to the sold out games? Could anyone hear the Minnesota fan’s chants at all during the game? Let me know in the comments below!