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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is it Saturday yet?

The weekend is nearly here as FC Dallas puts in their final prep for Sporting KC.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas to give STM 1% of any player transfer | Big D Soccer

Now season ticket holders are truly part of the club with this move. A first in MLS too, which is really cool to see them get out in front. I’m not sure it will win over new fans but it certainly should make current ones very happy.

Quick Burns: Where does FCD still need to improve? | Big D Soccer

Our staff dove into some areas that are still of concern for us going into the second week of the season. Until I see otherwise, it will be set piece defending for me.

Craft: World Cup is something we’ve dreamed about |

Coy Craft and the US U-20s are heading to Korea later this year for the World Cup. I’m very curious to see if he can get some playing time with FCD before he goes.

Is 2017 the year of Kellyn Acosta? |

Simple answer is yes. I love the quote from Oscar Pareja in this one though as he states he doesn’t see Kellyn as a HGP anymore. I think that is the point we want to get to with all HGPs.

Front office and supporters group leaders hold form |

This is pretty cool stuff to see and hear the club do too.

FCD continue to aim for hot start in KC |

I’ll be honest, if they can grind out a draw in this one and save some legs for the Pachuca game next Wednesday, I’ll be a happy camper.

// MLS //

LA extends new offer for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to join this summer |

They were in talks last summer before he went to Manchester United. Now those talks appear to be picking up some smoke again.

What’s going on in week 2 in MLS |

There are plenty of interesting matchups around the league, including that so called expansion derby this weekend.

How Martino plans to inspire Atlanta | ESPNFC

We saw some good things out of Atlanta in week one but there were still moments in that game against New York that they looked like a true expansion team despite all that talent.

Jones and Romney receive suspensions following loss to FCD |

The Jermaine Jones tackle was always going to receive a retroactive red card. But it was doubly good to see the league review Dave Romney’s dive that allowed LA to get a penalty kick on Saturday too.

Lawnchair Analyst: Predicting the entire 2017 season based off week 1 | FourFourTwo

This is rather clever but I do think the last prediction about Jermaine Jones will come true.