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The 19th Minute Podcast: Who should we interview next?

Vote today!

Well yall, the other day I was with Huck and Walter of The 19th Minute team and we’re thinking of what player we want to interview next and a thought pops in my head. We are a podcast “for the fans, by the fans”. Why don’t we let you make that decision? And you know what, that’s what we are going to do. Interviewing Reggie Cannon and Paxton Pomykal was our choice, the next one is on you.

Below you are going to find a Google form with English speaking FC Dallas players on it. Sorry, but for a 30 minute sit down interview, English speakers will certainly be the best route for us to go. On a side note, don’t fret on the Spanish speaking players being excluded though. We have brought Walter Martinez into our fold and he will be able to do some translating for post-game interviews with players that we will be able to add into the podcast moving forward. You’ll hear Cristian Colman’s thoughts on a game winning goal through Walter’s sultry baritone voice (giggity). I digress.

Once you make your choice of the player to interview, we will then be reaching out via The 19th Minute Twitter and Facebook for questions for the player picked. This will be a fully fan led interview. We ask that you share this with all the FC Dallas fans you know so they can have their voices heard as well. We will keep the voting open until 11:59 PM on 3/17 so you have plenty of time to get your votes in.

Alright yall, get to picking….