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Big D Daily: News for Monday, March 6, 2017

FC Dallas opens the season on a high note.

The start of the 2017 season couldn’t be going any better for FC Dallas.

// FC Dallas //

The development of the Gruezo-Acosta partnership | Big D Soccer

Funny thing about Carlos Gruezo, there were times on Saturday that I completely forgot he was on the field and then he would put in a tackle or come away with the ball out of nowhere.

Talking points: FCD begins 2017 strong | Big D Soccer

One of our newest writers took down a few big points that he gathered from Saturday’s win over LA.

Who FCD needs to loan to OKC this season | Big D Soccer

While the FCD season is underway, the USL season should be starting up in the next couple of weeks. It is time once again to figure out who needs to be loaned up north.

FC Dallas want to be the best team in MLS |

While it was only one game, the boys look well on their way to being as special as we thought they could be this season.

Acosta shows why he can be FCD’s star |

If the club goes as Kellyn Acosta goes in 2017, that may be a good thing.

Dallas impresses in season opener, LA looks flat |

The movement on the wings will be the driving force for FCD early on.

// MLS //

Doyle: Breaking down the week 1 action |

There was a lot of soccer this weekend. A lot. But that is what you get when 22 clubs are in action over the course of three days. The expansion teams looked like expansion teams. Veteran clubs did their thing. And then what the hell happened in Houston?

New Orlando Stadium is everything MLS wanted it to be | SB Nation

Yes! This stadium! Seriously, between the large supporters stand (how freakin’ cool is that thing?) to just the entire atmosphere in the venue. Yeah, they hit a definite home run with that stadium.

Kaka’s injury could be series for Orlando | FourFourTwo

A hamstring injury is never fun (remember the 2015 season anyone?), but for Orlando, their attack runs through Kaka.

Atlanta impresses in debut | ESPNFC

They were good in stretches for sure but I was more impressed with that crowd in Atlanta.

Atlanta falls in their first game | Dirty South Soccer

New York didn’t look great in the game but they showed more experience, which in the end was enough for three points. Atlanta is talented though but they have a ways to go when it comes to gelling as a club.