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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 31, 2017

What are you doing with another weekend away from FC Dallas?

The first month of the 2017 season is in the book as we set our sights on April.

// FC Dallas //

Oscar Pareja signs new contract with FCD | Big D Soccer

The big news of the day yesterday was seeing that FCD locked Oscar Pareja up on a long-term deal.

Pareja: “Its truly home for me.” |

I think that is the one important thing we can hang our hats on with Oscar. The only jobs he’d likely jump to would be national team gigs. He’s not going to leave us for a gig with the Galaxy or Red Bulls.

Quick Burns: Should FCD continue their search for another keeper? | Big D Soccer

We’ve seen the rumors over and over again this year that FCD has been looking at some expensive foreign keepers, but our staff debates whether or not that search is needed.

Best FCD Jersey Bracket: Final Four | Big D Soccer

Our bracket enters the final four on the same weekend as the college basketball final four. I think ours is more important.

// MLS //

Crew send allocation money and Tchani to Vancouver for Manneh | Massive Report

So this trade yesterday. Wow. On the surface you think Vancouver is giving up on any potential transfer value for Manneh but in all reality, I like the move as it gives them some serious roster flexibility for this summer that they didn’t have.

Vancouver gambles with Manneh trade | Eighty Six Forever

Vancouver gets Tony Tchani, $225,000 in TAM, $75,000 in GAM. If the Crew manage to sign Manneh to a deal (he’s out of contract at the end of this season), they owe Vancouver their next 1st round draft pick. The Whitecaps also have clauses to get more GAM if the Crew trade Manneh within MLS before 12/31/2018, and will get a share of the transfer fee if the Crew sell him abroad.

Doyle: Breaking down the Manneh-Tchani trade |

Columbus adds some speed to their attack in this deal. On the flip side, I am excited knowing that FCD will only face Manneh once a year now.

Baer: RSL should bring back the diamond midfield |

I would be curious to see how it would look this season with the players they brought in.

Parchman: Every MLS club’s top academy product ahead of the GA Cup |

Yes, Brayan Padilla is a potential HGP. And no, I don’t think they’ll sign him this year. At least not right now I do.

Atlanta vs Seattle: What to watch for | Dirty South Soccer

Since FCD is off this weekend, if there is one match in MLS worth is this one.

Former DCU player sues club, Olsen and Espindola | ESPNFC

Well this is a sticky situation for anyone to deal with. No wonder DCU was so quick to trade Fabian Espindola last year.