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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, March 30, 2017

FC Dallas is training in Mexico ahead of their CCL match.

The end of the week is nearly here as FC Dallas continues their prep work for Pachuca in Mexico.

// FC Dallas //

First off...big news is coming:

That is certainly a new contract type hype. We’ll have more on that later today.

Rankings Recap: FCD remains on top | Big D Soccer

The bye week didn’t hurt FCD’s standing in the latest power polls across the web.

Video: Team travels to Mexico |

FCD had their first run through in Mexico yesterday evening as they got settled in to their new home for the next week.

Hollingshead reunited with the family he helped save |

This is certainly a nice story to start the morning off with.

// MLS //

Petke officially named RSL’s new manager | RSL Soapbox

While the change is still strange, RSL did go out and hire one of the best available managers in MLS in Mike Petke.

Explaining RSL’s early season coaching change | RSL Soapbox

Yeah, its still a weird story to give a guy a contract extension at the end of the season, only to fire him three games into the next. Definitely some closed door issues going on with that front office.

Can the Fire win the World Cup with Schweinsteiger? | Hot Time In Old Town

Yes, that was a question posed to the German midfielder in his press conference yesterday.

Bradley deserves more credit than he is getting | Waking the Red

What is funny about Michael Bradley is there are times I completely forget he is out on the field for the US or even Toronto. So...yeah.

San Diego fans gather 100,000 signatures to lure MLS franchise | ESPNFC

Okay, there is starting to be some serious buzzing coming out of San Diego. I heard Landon Donovan talk about the project yesterday afternoon and I’m starting to get the sense that if a stadium does come, so will a team.

NY sign Wright-Phillips to a new contract | Once a Metro

For all the crap we’ve given the Red Bulls over the years, giving BWP a new deal during the season is a smart one in my book. Also, he’s a DP again (he was bought down with TAM previously).

Four moves that make sense for both clubs that should happen | FourFourTwo

I love good speculation and rumors as much as the next guy. But these are four real moves that should happen in MLS. I’m on board with them.