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Quick Burns: Is FC Dallas set in goal or does Fernando Clavijo need to continue to look for a third keeper?

With all the rumors swirling around about FC Dallas looking at a veteran keeper, it brings up an interesting thought.

Noah Riffe

FC Dallas has recently been in the rumor market about their hunt for a third keeper. The thing about those rumors is that they have been pursuing expensive foreign keepers like Guillermo Ochoa.

So our staff is taking this time during the second week off from league play to discuss what exactly Fernando Clavijo and Oscar Pareja should do with that open roster spot.

Jeff Loftin - Yes, always remain in the hunt

Yes, FC Dallas needs to continue to look for a keeper (and everything else). The team should continually look to upgrade at each and every position, whenever it is even remotely possible. I love the work that Seitz and Jesse have put out, but an upgrade is still an upgrade. If we are to bring in a keeper of high quality, I feel like we would have to sell off one of the current two that play lots of minutes because the unrest it might cause would not be a good thing for team morale. Competition for each and every spot is something that I would like to see the team strive for (and in many ways they have achieved this), but an upgrade to the competition I feel is a worthwhile endeavor. If the idea is to bring in someone for depth, then surely they can find someone on the cheap that is hungry - also increasing the competition for playing time.

Jared Tilley - YES

I think the simple answer is YES. Yes, they are set in goal and yes they need a third keeper. In a perfect world, the third keeper would be another young talent that could compete for minutes with Jesse and Chris. However, this doesn’t seem to be happening. I don’t like the thought of using an international spot (one we don’t have) on a third keeper, especially when we have two above average keepers already. I will concede that I might not see the full picture, but with the information I do have, I say bring in another young keeper.

Preston Wetherington - We’re not settled in goal

I don’t think we are settled in keeper. The initial reports with the third keeper search were usually youngsters, who would be clearly fighting for the backup keeper slot. However, the last few weeks has seen more experienced keepers fall into the rumor mill. My theory is there is a lot of buzz about Jesse Gonzalez. He is a talented young keeper who could start for many MLS teams, and many teams in the continent. I do fear that we may not be holding onto Jesse much longer unless he gets more minutes with the club, which appears unlikely with Seitz having a firm grip on the starter role for the moment. Bringing in someone like Ochoa which was reported, would bring experience, and also plenty of buzz to the city. It could also be a potential marketing tool that the club could really use.

El Chico Carmona - Find one to help push the others

The simple answer is yes. Both FCD goalkeepers have enjoyed a lot of success in the past couple of years, and it is very unlikely that FCD will be able to hold on to both of them.

Seitz and Gonzalez push each other, and if one leaves, a 3rd string level GK is simply not going to challenge who ever the starter is. A big time GK is perfect for a team looking to win the SCCL and compete at the Club World Cup.

MLS teams who win trophies tend to get complacent, and are quickly surpassed by other league teams. FCD looking for an upgrade, in positions many of us feel no upgrade is needed, goes to show just how FCD is making sure nobody surpasses them.

Jason Poon - Go the loan route

Yes, Dallas is set in goal and no, Clavijo can stop looking. Chris Seitz is the presumed starter with Jesse Gonzalez ready in the wings at any moment. A third keeper won’t do much of anything, besides maybe pushing Seitz and Gonzalez a bit in practice. The time, resources devoted to finding a backup’s backup could be better spent elsewhere (CB, LW, etc.)

Let’s not forget the USL partnership with OKC Energy. The Energy have two legit starters in Cody Laurendi and CJ Cochran. If Dallas absolutely needs a third body because of injury or some other reason, then pick up the phone and get a quick loan done.

Jack Rouse - Two is plenty

Stay the course. Jesse Gonzalez has shown that he can preform at the highest level. Seitz is just keeping it warm until Pareja feels Jesse is ready. Yes, Dallas could buy another keeper, but that pushes Jesse out the door and isn’t their biggest need. It would be nice to have an elite goalkeeper, but as long as Matt Hedges and Walker Zimmerman are protecting goal, it won’t be necessary.

Excuse my Dallas Cowboy’s reference, but the Seitz-Gonzalez situation feels a bit like the Romo-Prescott situation. One day Seitz will slip up and Gonzalez will take over the number one role from there. Adding a third party just overcomplicates things. Plus, I’d rather see the homegrown between the sticks than a new signing anyway.

Etan Cohn - Save the spot for something else

Goalkeeper just isn't an issue with this team, besides getting a third string behind Chris Seitz and Jesse Gonzales. If the front office are going out and looking for an expensive international keeper, that leads me to believe that Gonzales has plans to leave the club in the near future. Gonzales showed he is good enough to start in MLS, and he hasn't been getting the minutes he deserves. In this case, I do agree that it is important to purchase a good keeper. If the front office doesn't see an American keeper that they want, if it makes sense financially, I could get behind them buying an international household name such as Ochoa. If Gonzales and Seitz have no plans of leaving, FC Dallas should be patient and buy a third string American keeper when an option is available.

Scott Hiney - Don’t spend too much on a third keeper

Yes, FC Dallas is set in goal, so no, Clavijo does not need to look for a third choice.

Okay, technically FCD isn’t set in goal because three keepers are needed on the roster by common logic, but for all intents and purposes, filling that spot shouldn’t be high up on anyone’s to-do list. In recent years, FC Dallas hasn’t needed a third keeper in terms of an injury situation or poor performance since the number one and two guys are both starter-worthy and can push each other. Heck, Ryan Hollingshead spent more time in goal last season than Ryan Herman.

MLS is still money-tight and so, in my mind, I don’t see spending some of that on a third keeper a worthy use. Keep an eye on the academy and figure out who an if-need-be third choice could be.