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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 3, 2017

The regular season begins tomorrow for FC Dallas!

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about FC Dallas playing a game in LA.

// FC Dallas //

Oscar Pareja gives us hints at what is to come in 2017 | Big D Soccer

Wednesday night gave us a lot of things to work from between the different formations, to the subs used.

FC Dallas is hungry for more in 2017 | Dallas Morning News

So many season previews out there these days but this one from the local paper is pretty darn good.

How 2016 changed the way FC Dallas played in LA |

Two meetings in LA for FCD last year went just about as good as they have ever gone for the club. Basically, the fear of playing in LA is no more for this bunch.

Dallas aims to keep momentum moving forward in LA |

To be fair, a draw is also a good way to keep the momentum moving forward in a positive direction.

// MLS //

MLS has finally grown up | SB Nation

Entering the 22nd season, MLS is no longer that awkward teenager or that annoying 20 year old that just wants to party. Crazy to think how far this league has come in the last ten years.

Handicapping the MLS field in 2017 |

There is no shocker here that FCD is in the top tier going into the season. I have to also say I am with Matt Doyle on the whole Mauro Diaz thing too.

Whitecaps advance in CCL play after 2-0 win over New York | Eighty Six Forever

I don’t know what it is about the Canadian teams advancing in this tournament at the rate that they do but good for Vancouver. I’m also curious what this result actually says about New York too.

Timbers part ways with Jack McInerney | Stumptown Footy

Jack Mac won’t be back in Portland this season. Then again he never really broke out there with the Timbers either. My gut tells me he will end up with a NASL team.

Mix and Jack Mac are available but Seattle isn’t interested | Sounder at Heart

Throw in Mix Diskerud being bought out by NYCFC yesterday as well. Now you have two guys that should be on MLS rosters that aren’t on opening day.

Goal’s GM survey for 2017 |

Never mind the usual predictions in this post, go to the bottom and take a look at the things the GMs want to ditch or change in MLS.