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Best FC Dallas Jersey Bracket: Round of 8

Down to the best of the best

We ran a poll over the weekend, first via the Big D staff, then to you - our beautiful readers and fans of the best club in MLS, to help decide the best FC Dallas jersey of all time. We’re now down to the Final 8 and we had a few close calls in the previous round.

Those of you who were big fans of the 1997 Home jersey will be disappointed that the 2010-11 Away kit won out by a mere four (4) votes (!!!!).

Let’s keep things moving along and get to the voting! Quick note, for those of you on iOS, there’s probably going to be a problem with the formatting with the ads covering the form. We’ve sent a word to our engineers to figure out what’s going on, but for now, it would be best if you grabbed a tablet or your laptop/desktop.

Pairings were done by seeding, based on the popular vote among the writing staff. It’s certainly left us with some interesting match ups for this round.

What do you guys think? Was it easier or harder to vote this time around? Did the popular vote make a mistake in the earlier round?