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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FC Dallas trains in Frisco once more before heading to Mexico.

Today is the last day FC Dallas will be in town until after their Mexican adventure.

// FC Dallas //

Report: Ochoa rejects FC Dallas’ offer | Big D Soccer

This little rumor came in last night on Twitter but once again FC Dallas went after an expensive foreign keeper and was turned down.

FCD and Pachuca draw European scouts interest | Big D Soccer

Both teams have a lot of young talent that European teams are interested in, so in a way it probably feels like a two birds, one stone type scouting trip for them.

FCD to train in Mexico ahead of Pachuca match | Big D Soccer

This one isn’t a big surprise as the club has the time to do it and will be able to get acclimated to the altitude ahead of next Tuesday’s game.

// MLS //

Minnesota’s defensive woes continue to set records |

And FCD’s next MLS opponent happens to be this team as well. Boy I fear for the CCL hangover in this one. Thankfully, I believe right now our U-18s could probably hang two or three on this team.

Will Minnesota become the worst MLS team of all-time? | SB Nation

Yikes, it feels really early to be asking that question after one month of play but you kind of have to with the amount of goals they are giving up.

Revs once again show potential but will it last? | FourFourTwo

They hung five on a crappy defense, let’s slow down a bit.

// USMNT //

US vs Panama: What to watch for | Stars and Stripes FC

Hopefully we don’t see too many tactical changes tonight out of the US.

Arena’s sarcasm sheds light into how he operates |

I will say this, Bruce Arena is one funny interview if you can catch him in there right moment. However, after a loss, is not that moment.

Arena is getting the most out of Pulisic and Bradley |

Hey, when you play players in the right position, you tend to get better results.

The pressure is still very much on the US | FourFourTwo

While last Friday was a reminder of how good this team can be, tonight could be another reminder that they still have a long way to go here to qualify.