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Best FC Dallas Jersey Bracket

One jersey to rule them all!

A few days ago the folks over at World Soccer Shop ran a bracket for the best USMNT jersey in the recent era, which got us thinking back to the good ol’ Dallas Burn days and decided to have a go at our own bracket ourselves!

The process started with the Big D staff voting on all the jerseys, to weed out the “3’s” and the “4’s” and only give you the best and finest that has graced the bodies of our beloved players. There was a little complication in the voting as eight jerseys were locked in a tie for the last 6 positions.

Staying true to the soccer tradition, we opted to break the deadlock with a random lottery. The first 6 drawn would advance to the voting round. Here are the two that were so close, yet so far away:

2009-2009 Away

2010-2011 Home

Below are the Sweet 16 of FC Dallas/Dallas Burn jerseys that we’ll leave to you, the fans, the readers, the trolls, the loyals, the DTIDers to decide the best Dallas jersey to date. The jerseys are seeded according to the staff vote. And yes, the popular vote is the only thing that counts in this process.

Vote away! Tell us below in the comments which one is your all-time favorite. Did one you were hoping for not make the cut?