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We got craft beer at Toyota Stadium! Kind of.

The beer selection is improving at the stadium.

MLS: New England Revolution at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday night, the season is officially underway. Seems like a weird statement to make since the club had already played two league games and three CONCACAF matches. However, with the way soccer schedules work and how MLS can be, FC Dallas finally got to play their first home match in MLS. Overall the night was a success. The crowd was electric, some new toys were unveiled, and FCD got the win.

It was announced a month or so back that craft beer was finally going to be offered at the stadium. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Dan Hunt mentioned what fans could look forward to this year. “Elsewhere in the stadium, the concourse will get a fresh coat of paint and new banners. The Budweiser Beer Garden will have a truck offering craft beers and a grill selling turkey legs (the winner in a survey among fans).”

Well, he wasn’t wrong, in the Beer Garden Saturday night there was a beer truck that was offering craft beer, well kind of.

The craft beer that is being offered are owned by Anheuser Busch. It’s a victory that we get something besides (insert canoe + ‘fun time’ with someone joke here) but, it’s not a complete victory since their aren’t any local breweries. Actually the closest brewery that is offered in the BG is Karbach, and their beer Hopadillo (which is a nice IPA) and that is located in Houston.

I’ll be honest, it seems weird to be at an FCD match, where everything is done locally first, all while drinking beer from Houston, Colorado, New York and Chicago. Especially, when Peticolas, Deep Ellum, Revolver, Community all offer excellent products and are local. To be fair to FCD, they might offer local craft beers in other parts of the stadiums that haven’t been rolled out yet. Time will tell I guess. Also, I wasn’t able to make it over to the nearly renovated Winstar Club. There might be (hopefully) local craft beers for purchase there?

Something I did notice while sitting in the middle bleachers in the BG was the long lines at the beer truck. I hope down the road the front office looks at doing those pop up tents to sell at least the $5 Budweiser to help get people back to the their seats. If a fifth of the Beer Garden is in line for beer, it kind of kills the point of that section being rowdiest in the stadium. Again, it is early, so hopefully it’s something they look at changing.

Also, there weren’t many trash cans around. It’s awesome that they sell turkey legs and it’s even more awesome that Dan Hunt is willing to put out a poll to see what the fans want. However, once people finished their turkey legs, they didn’t know what to do with them. People were walking around like a lost child in the shopping market looking for their parents. Sure, it was funny to watch, but if people can’t find a trash can, which they couldn’t, they just threw their trash on the ground in the bleachers, which was concerning for this sandal wearing fan.

A couple of things that don’t need changing are those new speakers and the park benches on the back wall of the BG. First off, those speakers were nice. When Childish Gambino was played in the intro, this guy’s foot got to tapping.

(Side note: That intro video was straight fire, I was so amped for the match to start, partly because of it. So great job whoever put that together.)

Another great addition to the BG were the park benches on the back wall. It was nice to have a little seating down there that was away from the action, or to use at halftime if you wanted. They were utilized all night and seemed like a big hit.

Overall, all the new changes were great. It’s great to see club trying to get the pulse of the fans and making adjustments accordingly. Sure, it’s not a finished product yet, but it’s a start and a very positive one. Saturday night was an incredible evening. Everything from the play on the field (well from about the 60’ on) the atmosphere in the stadium, the TIFOs (great job EM and DBG), and the upgrades in the BG. I’m already counting down until April 8th for the match against Minnesota United.