Match Day Presentation: Those new video boards and speakers

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FC Dallas just completed their first MLS Home game of the 2017 season. We have a number of good articles on Big D Soccer covering the game, but what about the game day experience.

This week we were introduced to the new video boards and speaker system. We also had our first look at how FC Dallas will use these as part of the game day presentation.

Introduction video: I don't know about the rest of you, but I enjoyed the match intro video with the different players, the pep talk from OP, and highlights from last season. It will be interesting if this will be the new tradition for each game or if this was just for the first match of the year. I do think the audio during the intro video was a bit too loud and distorted, but otherwise the intro video was a nice addition to the start of the match.

The video now posted: Revolution | 2017 FC Dallas Intro Video

Replays: I think many of us were excited to have the opportunity to get some in-game replays for goals, questionable calls, yellow cards etc.. In the end I can only remember seeing one replay. That replay was of Maxi's second goal, but perhaps I missed others during the match.

This should be a focus of the front office as it is tough as a fan when something happens quickly, away from the play, or on the other side of the field and we are unable to know for sure what happened. With the introduction of the new video boards and at least one replay it appears the technology is there, but I would love to see it utilized more often.

New Sound System: Outside of the introduction video I only remember the new sound system used for general announcements (like Cane's Fingers) plus goals and yellow cards.

One occasion did stick out for me on Saturday night. For the first time in the match we had most of the crowd chanting (even on the East Sidelines) and the PA announcement of a yellow card actually helped kill it off. I may not be the majority here, but I would love to see us take advantage of the new system to help amplify the crowd noise for things like FCD Chants and Songs.

I am curious what other's think so taking this opportunity for my first fan post. Please vote or sound off in the comment section.

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