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FC Dallas vs New England Revolution: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FCD’s latest win.

FC Dallas came from behind yet again to pick up an important three points at home over the New England Revolution on Saturday.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

What were the changes in the second half?

In the second half, we found a way. We created options. We had a lot of frequency in attack. We have a team that imposes their will. It was a great night. It was great to see the stadium full and to see everyone enjoy the victory.

What was the strategy in the first half?

I thought by bringing Paxton [Pomykal] into the field, it gave us a right-footed player that could replace the speed we lost with Michael [Barrios] starting the game on the bench. We wanted to have Michael fresh in the second half. Paxton did a very good job of creating a pocket for himself but at the same time we did not have a lot of physicality. I saw New England sit back and we could not break their line. Maxi and Cristian tried to break their line but it was too difficult. In the second half, we went with more attacking-minded players. We gave them the freedom to just go and get us that win.

On the character of his team…

They have an energy to overcome. Today, I saw more than just character. I saw a passionate team that wanted to win. They find ways to win. It isn’t easy. I am glad to see it. They are passionate about winning. They get it.

What made you feel comfortable playing these guys on two days rest?

I saw them playing seven games in one week against the best teams in Argentina. I saw them suffering, tried and sore and thrown out there against people’s first teams. I saw them reacting well to that. I know they are capable of doing it. The professionalism of this group is remarkable.

On Maxi Urruti…

I thought his two goals represent this group well. Maxi bleeds for this team. That’s an example for all of us. The more he runs… The more that he works for the team. The more the game rewards him. The goals came because he is working that hard. I don’t have any doubt that we have here, one of the best forwards in Major League Soccer. I hope people give him his credit because he is doing a tremendous job.

FC Dallas forward Maximiliano Urruti

On scoring twice in the 2017 home opener…

I’m very happy with both goals. I really wanted to score and I did. It was the most important thing I could contribute for the team. This win was the most important and difficult three points. But it wasn’t just me, it was also my teammates. I like that we are well adapted and we know what we want. We’re very united. It’s very important in order to get what you want. Being in this club and in this group, it’s evident that if you’re going to play you have to give it 100 percent and that was reflected today on the field.

On his hot start to the season…

To start this season scoring is very important for a forward. It has started out great. We’re also fighting in the CONCACAF Semifinal and we know we’re doing a great job. Personally, I’m very happy with both goals and with the hard work paying off. If we keep heading in the right direction, this club can make history and it’s important that this team knows that. Between the coaches and all the guys, we’ll continue to push and remind each other of what we want.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz

General thoughts on the win…

Credit the boys. We go down early, again. The fact that we were able to come back and respond in the fashion that we did is huge. They don’ t all have to be pretty. Grinding out wins is important in this league. We did a great job of that tonight.

On giving up another early goal…

It was not fatigue. It comes down to individual moments. ON Wednesday, we looked back at it and there were a few things we could have done leading up to it that easily could have stopped the goal. Tonight, it was an individual effort. He [Cristian Colman] got caught a little bit. He is new to the league so he may not know how strict they are or how they act on set pieces. It’s tough but he is learning. We’re here to help. I didn’t see the reply so I also don’t have a clear answer on it but credit to Maxi and the boys up top for getting us back in it. We went for it. We made some adjustments at halftime.

On the play of Maxi Urruti…

He is not afraid to shoot. Tonight, we needed someone to step up in the second half and he took us on his shoulders and had two great goals. The second one was special. It was a tough angle but at the same time the ‘keeper is thinking he is not going to shoot from there. Credit to him for coming through for us.