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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 14, 2016

One more day until the big game with Pachuca.

FC Dallas continues prep work today for their big Champions League clash with Pachuca.

// FC Dallas //

View from the East: Conservative Game | Big D Soccer

In years past, these types of games would have never really gone FC Dallas’ way due to depth. But now, the depth is certainly there.

Acosta: Team chemistry is at an all-time high |

I’ve talked about this in the past but it does seem that every year that Oscar Pareja has been here, the chemistry factor continues to go up with this bunch.

BR19: That brought back the best memories I had with Bobby |

Seeing a number 19 on the field last weekend was certainly special for a lot of us. I cannot imagine how special it will be when Paxton Pomykal scores his first goal in front of the FCD faithful.

FC Dallas looks to capitalize on home leg |

They took care of Arabe Unido in the home leg a couple weeks back, now it will be about doing the same to Pachuca.

// MLS //

What you might have missed in week 2 |

Between the soccer in the snow, the bad red card to Jelle Van Damme, and whatever the heck is going on with Houston and San Jose, there was a lot going on in week two.

Bedoya and Altidore had a spat, or did they? | SB Nation

There was a bit of a beef on Twitter over the weekend too but it wasn’t really all that it was cracked up to be in the end.

Galaxy and Timbers have a Twitter war | LAG Confidential

Speaking of spats on Twitter, boy did last night get entertaining between the Galaxy and Timbers. Is this how new rivalries are born these days in MLS? Over Twitter?

Pirlo: MLS must change to compete with China | ESPNFC

But do we really have to change that much? Sure China is shelling out some big bucks but given their cap on international players, I don’t see why MLS has to change all that much to worry about them.

Expansion struggles: Are the Loons this bad? | ESPNFC

The answer is a simple yes.

CONCACAF Stars shine in MLS in week 2 |

Never mind all the stuff at the beginning, there is a good bit of talk about the draw between FCD and SKC near the bottom. Seeing Peter Vermes complain about our defensive look is rather amusing too.

Yankee Stadium remains MLS’ weirdest venue | FourFourTwo

And sadly, it probably won’t be changing anytime soon.