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View from the East: Conservative Game

Good number of new faces in this tough game.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting KC Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It was a really nice afternoon in Dallas that quickly descended into a chilly night after a cold front pushed through. TXA 21 was the channel to tune to listen to a little Bob Sturm narrating our match against Sporting Kansas City. A ton of new faces in the starting line up that got me a few ‘who’s this guy?’ texts from friends and family. The whole game though would play out with FC Dallas going defensive and young.


Not saying we didn’t attack, but that second half we were definitely looking for the point. As a fan that understands what’s going on, you can understand. There are the less than casual fans, however, that get frustrated watching their team being overly cautious and then accuse soccer of being boring because of it. It’s also the type of approach to a match that’ll frustrate you if you’re playing against it.

However, we had an objective, and have a game to play midweek that is seemingly much more important that this league game. There’s no shame in it, but it may need a little explaining to anyone without a firm grasp on the current situation.


Man, seeing the new guys in the line up really made me feel old. Haven’t checked my retirement account lately, but definitely putting that on my agenda after this game. They played very well for getting their first starts. The first few minutes were nerves but after they settled they embraced the game plan well and stayed in their shape to help defend. Honestly cannot wait to welcome them home this season and cheer on the fresh faces.

The counterattacks were there, but we were inches away from possibly taking three full points from this match with this younger roster. The fact that we can be competitive in multiple competitions like this is astronomically comforting, let’s welcome the team home this Wednesday against Pachuca!

How did you feel about the defensive approach we took to this game? Necessary? Annoying? Anyone else feel like feel like father time needs to chill out a little? Will you be at the game this Wednesday? Let me know in the comments below!