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Liga MX postpones weekend play due to referee strike

Will this affect the Champions League semifinals?

Week 10 of the Liga MX Clausura has been postponed, after referees went on strike over the poor treatment they receive from players.

Late last night, Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla made the following announcement:

“I want to announce to you that the Mexican Football Federation and Liga MX have suspended Round 10 of the 2017 Clausura Tournament, because the referees assigned for said round have denied us their services.

“This Decision was taken unilaterally. The matches will be rescheduled. We will inform you at a later date, the date in which they will be played.”

How will this affect the upcoming CCL Semifinals?

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The biggest impact of the strike, will be that Liga MX clubs, Pachuca and Tigres UANL will now be able to field fully rested, fully prepared, full strength lineups against their MLS counterparts.

While the referee strike is not expected to last long at all, it’s not out of the question that it could drag out for a couple of weeks. FC Dallas and the Vancouver Whitecaps would now lose any advantages that they could have gained by MLS postponing regular season games around the CCL match ups.