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FC Dallas vs Arabe Unido: Match Predictions

The staff see advancement in the future

Noah Riffe

FC Dallas returns to action tonight against Panamanian champions Arabe Unido. FCD did the work in the opening leg by dismantling the opposition with a four goal advantage. A single road goal will surely put this one completely out of reach, but as it is with CONCACAF, we’ve seen sillier and crazier things.

Our staff take another stab at predictions for tonight. The match results are a lot more varied, but we all see Dallas moving forward.

FCD vs DAU Match Predictions

Name Result for FCD FCD Score Opposition Score Commentary
Name Result for FCD FCD Score Opposition Score Commentary
Ben Lyon Win 2 1 FC Dallas coasts into the semis and the MLS season in style.
Cody Gamond Win 3 0
Drew Epperley Draw 1 1 It will be a gritty, ugly game that FCD will come out of with a draw.
Jack Hazzard Win 2 1 Colman starts, scores, and humiliates Los Angeles all in one game.
Jack Rouse Win 2 1
Jared Tilley Draw 1 1 The match itself isn't going to be pretty. With AU needing a good result, they are going to be pushing a lot of numbers forward which will allow FCD to hit them on the counter. One of these counter attempts is going to end in an goal and essentially put the match to bed.
Jason Poon Win 2 1 FCD rests some starters and Arabe Unido puts up a scrappy fight for their CCL lives, but the quality of Dallas shines through and still gets the win and advance to the semis.
Jose Carmona Win 5 2 I don't expect Pareja to start a full strength squad. I do expect Arabe Unido to press much more at home, and try and be even more aggressive than what they showed. I expect the goals to flow both ways, in a very entertaining afair.
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 2 2 We don't know who is starting, but if we get a heavy reserve team, this could turn into a 2-1 loss. FCD advances though. That's all that really matters.
Nathan Hill Loss 1 2 Arabe Unido manage a couple of goals, but FC Dallas grabs one of their own and advances to the next stage like the champions they know they are.
Phil Luetchford Draw 1 1 Dallas will have a mixture of starters and backups. Arabe Unido will push for a goal, but the game will stay scoreless for 30 minutes. Eventually, DAU will score a scrappy goal and go into the half with a 1-0 lead. But the Panamanians have a momentary lapse of concentration after the break, allowing Tesho to pounce on a rebound. With an away goal, the series is effectively over and the two teams pass the ball around for the final 20 minutes.
Preston Wetherington Win 2 1 LA Galaxy had one of the biggest overhauls this offseason, and I think they will need time to gel, and I think getting the Galaxy for the opener is one of the most ideal situations at the moment for opening away from him.
Ryan Desu Draw 1 1 Walker and Matt hold down the fort but Arabe gets one goal. We score while they're pressing high for more but the game ends 1 all.
Scott Hiney Loss 1 2 FCD remains feisty despite a young XI and Tesho scores a goal to wrap up a semifinals berth.

What do you guys think? Will FCD advance or will we be treated to an incredible upset?