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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FC Dallas is back in action tonight.

FC Dallas is in Panama tonight to battle Arabe Unido one more time.

// FC Dallas //

Squad Selection: Who do you start on Wednesday? | Big D Soccer

One more call for this one as we asked you to give us your lineup for tonight’s game.

Quick Burns: How FCD should handle a double game week | Big D Soccer

On the flip side, a few from our staff took the task to figuring out how to handle this week’s set of games.

How the new roster rules help FCD | Big D Soccer

Two new HGP roster slots will certainly do the trick for a team like FCD, who were already at 29 players before the season started. Now we’re one away from a full roster.

FCD still aware of challenges facing Arabe Unido on the road | Dallas Morning News

While the series is at a four goal advantage for FCD at the moment, they know all too well that going on the road in this competition is never an easy thing.

FCD leave 4-0 lead behind as they head to Panama |

You really can’t take anything for granted in this competition.

Ten storylines going into the 2017 season for FCD |

A lot of little things in this list but all are important. I’m still excited to see the south end transform into something new this year.

// MLS //

Tactical slate heading into the 2017 season |

We know our wingers rarely cross the ball but boy do they ever counter with speed.

What to expect from the HGP class in 2017 |

Is Kellyn Acosta the best HGP in league history? It may be debatable but I think by the end of the season it won’t be.

Parity still is MLS’s paradox | FourFourTwo

No favorites. No problem. That continues to be how the league goes. Though I think this year will begin to shift that parity line a bit.

Young DPs are shredding MLS’s retirement league image | ESPNFC

I like to think that FCD had a big hand in that movement with guys like Mauro Diaz, Carlos Gruezo and now Cristian Colman.

Scheduling issues hold up Liga MX and MLS tournament | ESPNFC

In all honesty, we don’t need another tournament with Mexican teams in the middle of the summer. It didn’t work well with SuperLiga, so why would it work again?

Rob Stone rants on the Revolution | Fox Soccer

If you want to work up Rob Stone into a long rant, just ask him about the Revs apparently. He’s not wrong at all though in what he said yesterday on SiriusXM, though I don’t think pulling the team out of the area is the answer.