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Arabe Unido prepares to overcome FC Dallas

The Panamanian champions have a large hole to dig out from in the second leg.

MLS: Arabe Unido at FC Dallas Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Following their 4-0 defeat on the road at the hands of FC Dallas, in the 1st leg of the CCL Quarterfinals, Arabe Unido has been busy preparing for the return match

Juan Sergio Guzman, Arabe Unido's head coach, has been busy fielding some tough questions, following the lopsided defeat.

Guzman has been very critical of his teams performance.

"FC Dallas became really strong with balls that we (practically) delivered ourselves, we were very erratic in the delivery and they are very strong when it comes to know how (to take advantage). They have players that for nobody is a surprise that they have (the ability to score), and that today (Thursday), really out there surprised us "

"(It's really very simple) They are a strong team in their front and in the middle of the field. It became very difficult for our defense (to contain their attackers)"

On how his team has handled the defeat.

“It was something that we had not planned, but in fact we have a team that knows what it is facing, we knew that we were going to have a team of many (qualities) and we gave some advantages there. Now we have to wait this Wednesday, do a very good job and try to overcome this”

Guzman gave his team Saturday off, upon their return to Panama. The team returned to practice Sunday, and began preparing for the 2nd Leg.

"The most difficult match is the one that follows, just as if we had brought a good result we know that another 90 minutes are missing. In football there is nothing written, the team sometimes showed what (Arabe Unido is) and that is a bit quiet for us. So keep improving and (see if) we can do a good job this Wednesday. "

Guzman was positive about his team's chances to advance.

"We continue with the illusion of advancing by the work that we have done at home"