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Preseason: 5 Thoughts from FC Dallas’ First Preseason Friendly

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FCD drops first game to Lanus 1-0

FC Dallas’ preseason in Argentina has officially started with the club dropping their first “match” 1-0 to the Argentine champioins, Lanus at Estadio Ciudad de Lanus in Buenos Aires. The “match” was broken down into three - 40 minute games, as players were able to be rotated in and get minutes with one another.

You can read up on the official game recap here, but here are some thoughts from afar.

1. Where were Seitz and Tesho and Morales?

Unless there was a typo, neither Chris Seitz or Tesho Akindele or Javier Morales played in the opening game. This may be nothing, as it could just be a day off and they’ll be rotated in tomorrow. They might have picked up a knock. Obviously it’s too early to tell, but their absence did raise some eyebrows.

2. Sneak Peak into First Team

For the opening 40 minutes, Oscar Pareja ran a 4-4-2 with these players: Jesse Gonzalez, Maynor Figueroa, Walker Zimmerman, Matt Hedges, Reggie Cannon, Carlos Gruezo, Kellyn Acosta, Paxton Pomykal, Roland Lamah, Maxi Urruti, Cristian Colman. While obviously every position is up for grabs, this does look like what this team’s pecking order looks like.

3. Integration Starts Now

A welcome surprise was seeing Homegrowns Pomykal and Cannon get into the first 40 minute game with the starters. Both players are still young and will be slowly integrated in, but it was good to see him get thrown in there right away. It would surprise none of us here if Cannon was the starting RB on opening day.

4. Flexible Formations

One of the things we’ve batted around would be what formation would best suit Dallas moving forward with Mauro Diaz shelved until June. From the look of things, it appears that Oscar Pareja will still rely on the 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2, depending on personel.

5. Draftees Getting Their Shot

First and Second round picks; Jacori Hayes, Walker Hume and Adonijah Reid all got significant minutes during this 120 minute match, giving us good indication that for now, they’re progressing well and they’re getting their chance to stay in Frisco this year. Interestingly, 3rd round pick midfielder Dakota Barnathan also got minutes and was the only player from the 3rd and 4th rounds to see action.

Games will be fast and heavy during this 10 day trip in Argentina as the team will move on to tomorrow’s match against Mauro Diaz and Mauro Rosales’ (who met up with the club) former club, River Plate.