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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, February 8, 2017

FC Dallas kicks off in their first preseason game today.

The boys will be in action today in Argentina as they get set to take on Club Atletico Lanus.

// FC Dallas //

FCD signs pair of South American players | Big D Soccer

Adding a veteran like Hernan Grana to the backline is a big move but I also like the looks of Carlos Cermeno as well.

FCD Depth Charts: Defense and keepers | Big D Soccer

Before yesterday’s signing, we took a deep dive into the roster a bit to see where the club was set at in the back.

U-18’s Brandon Terwege gets two assists in USYNT U-19s win |

The pipeline continues to run deep for FCD as Terwege is starting to show well for the youth national teams here. Best part about it, he’s a center back.

// MLS //

Dax criticizes RBNY’s handling of the trade |

The talk about how the Dax McCarty trade continues to go down. I’m pretty sure that first Chicago-New York game will be one of the more interesting ones between those two clubs in a long time.

Doyle: Be excited by what Atlanta is doing but have perspective |

I want to be excited by all their signings but at some point I just want to see what this group can do on the field together. A lot of quality sometimes doesn’t translate into success right away.

Who should be in Atlanta’s XI for their first preseason game? | Dirty South Soccer

Sadly, we don’t see our old pal Zach Loyd on their projected lineup due to injury.

MLS may subsidize bigger-named Canadian DPs | ESPNFC

I’m a little surprised they haven’t done this already.

Gilbert makes offer on Detroit MLS stadium site | ESPNFC

If they get this stadium built and they get a MLS team, the nickname for the stadium has to be The Jail. It has to be.

Why Portland passed on Freddy Adu |

I was impressed he lasted as long as he did in their camp.

Howard Webb to manage VAR operations for PRO | FourFourTwo

I suppose Webb is about as qualified as the next guy to do this job.