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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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FC Dallas kicks off in their first preseason game today.

The boys will be in action today in Argentina as they get set to take on Club Atletico Lanus.

// FC Dallas //

FCD signs pair of South American players | Big D Soccer

Adding a veteran like Hernan Grana to the backline is a big move but I also like the looks of Carlos Cermeno as well.

FCD Depth Charts: Defense and keepers | Big D Soccer

Before yesterday’s signing, we took a deep dive into the roster a bit to see where the club was set at in the back.

U-18’s Brandon Terwege gets two assists in USYNT U-19s win |

The pipeline continues to run deep for FCD as Terwege is starting to show well for the youth national teams here. Best part about it, he’s a center back.

// MLS //

Dax criticizes RBNY’s handling of the trade |

The talk about how the Dax McCarty trade continues to go down. I’m pretty sure that first Chicago-New York game will be one of the more interesting ones between those two clubs in a long time.

Doyle: Be excited by what Atlanta is doing but have perspective |

I want to be excited by all their signings but at some point I just want to see what this group can do on the field together. A lot of quality sometimes doesn’t translate into success right away.

Who should be in Atlanta’s XI for their first preseason game? | Dirty South Soccer

Sadly, we don’t see our old pal Zach Loyd on their projected lineup due to injury.

MLS may subsidize bigger-named Canadian DPs | ESPNFC

I’m a little surprised they haven’t done this already.

Gilbert makes offer on Detroit MLS stadium site | ESPNFC

If they get this stadium built and they get a MLS team, the nickname for the stadium has to be The Jail. It has to be.

Why Portland passed on Freddy Adu |

I was impressed he lasted as long as he did in their camp.

Howard Webb to manage VAR operations for PRO | FourFourTwo

I suppose Webb is about as qualified as the next guy to do this job.